Bath House

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I have gone to bath houses in the past wearing anklets, wrist cuffs, and a collar with a chain. I would put the chain around my back where it would fall down in my ass and put the bottom of it around my cock. I would then make a gstring or thong like device from old cloth. I would then have a towel on only folding it multiple times and putting it around my waist so you could see the cleavage of my ass and walk around. I would get attention of any of guys and they would follow me around wanting to touch me but i would always put up a front and deny them the satisfaction of touching me and part of it was me being scared.

There are a few times i had fun in a bath house and i will describe one quickly. I was in the sauna area with my gstring and the towel folded multiple times. When i would sit down you would see my balls hang out because everything was so tight. There was a window in the door so you would see people look in and see if there was anything interesting going on. This one dad type saw me from before as I walked around the place teasing him and showing my ass. I guess he was frustrated and kind of mad at me for doing that.

He saw me exposing my ass and sitting down like that seeing if anyone was bold enough to approach me and the saw me in there came next to me and i pulled away and he said enough of this and grabbed my head and put it on his cock. He was 6’1 built and bald daddy type. He then proceeded to take illegal bahis my towel off and my gstring was exposed. He sat down i was on all fours and started to grab the base of his cock and sucking on his balls and he tamed me and my ass was in the air. Then another guy came and got underneath me started to suck on me hard. I was unable to take it but the daddy didnt let me move so i tried to move but was then stuck. Another daddy came and moved my string aside and stuck is tongue deep in my ass and i moaned very hard and was unable to get out of this position in pleasure now and then quickly took his 8′ cock out and put it in my virgin ass slowly. I was in so much pain but ecstasy at the same time. I was in a 3 way in my first experience like this and didnt know was to. I have a dominate top who had his cock in my mouth, another with my cock in his mouth, and another with a huge cock in my ass.

What was a boy to do? well the large top whose cock was in my mouth said he wanted my ass and agreed with the top who was in my ass to exchange. So then the exchange happened like this he took his cock out of my mouth and stuck 2 fingers in there and said you “continue suckin boy” or else so i did and the other guy went the front and his cock was even bigger and he laughed at me as i couldn’t even fit it in there. Once the top from my mouth went to my ass his must be been 8.5 but slimmer. it went in but went in further than any dildo illegal bahis siteleri i had ever felt in there before. As the top in my front stuck his fingers in my mouth to try to widen it I finally was able to fit the girth in there. He was very aggressive and stuck his cock right to the back of my throat. I was gagging hard, and then he clasped my nose shut and did it again this time the cock filled my throat and my eyes were popping out and then i clasped his balls with my hand and my thong was out enough to touch them also, then i felt a sudden pump in my throat and i felt a gush of hot liquid go down my throat and he was grunting from pleasure and his cock out that was cumming and his cum filled my mouth it was such a cool feeling jerking back and forth. It was cum in my mouth and on my face in my eye a little bit also. It was a lot. He said i was a good bitch boy and left and then the guy who was sucking me stopped and stuck his cock in my mouth and wanted some action.

He said that He was a sprayer but wont let me waste a single drop. I was thinking what did he mean by that. He didnt stick his cock in my throat like the other did he was working my mouth slowly and then fast wanting me to lick every inch and his balls. He said he wanted me to focus on his balls. So i sucked on each one individually and then both in there. I figured out a good technique where i would suck as hard as i can when the cock pushed in canlı bahis siteleri my ass and let go when he pulled out. He was loving it and then stuck his entire rod in my mouth in my throat and said “play with my balls” so i did as my tongue was out and i grabbed his balls tight and played with this around my hand. Just as I started to get faster i again felt hot liquid in my throat. He was cumming and i held on his balls tight at the base of the cock to intensify. He grabbed his balls half tight took his cock out and let go of the grasp and the jiz flew over my head on to my neck and back. He took his cock to the cum put the cum on the cock getting every drop and came back to my mouth deep in my throat and said suck and swallow and his cock was limp when it left my mouth.

The original top in the back was so impressed that i was able take those cocks. He said he was going cum also. He had me in doggy style and said he wanted me to cum but i wanted him to cum. He said we can do both. He turned me around and put my legs on my chest and feet in the air. (fav position) so now my cock was in the line of sight of my mouth and his cock was deep in my ass. As he pumped me harder I shot several times in my mouth and on my face and soon as i started to shoot he stuck his cock out and pointed it directly in my mouth and we both shot at the same time in my mouth. It was the most impressive and pleasurable thing i have ever done. He was a gentleman and made sure he got all of the cum from my chest neck and face with this cock and made me lick it clean.

He was fully limp when his cock left my mouth and he was happy. I was ass open cummed on and taken advantage of, just how i liked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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