Daddy Surprises Her

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She had the perfect plan to seduce her Uncle. At 18, she was so hot for him that she has tried many times to get him to noticed, but he never noticed. Over the next few days she gathered the things she was going to need. On Saturday afternoon she called her Uncle, and asked him if he could come over and fix a leak. He told her he would be there sometime today.

He pulled into the driveway, noticed that his brother and wife were not home. He sat there for a few minutes before going inside. He had a hard time around his niece. Always showing off her body in one way or another. He was pretty sure that there was no leak. Getting out and grabbing the tools he headed for the door. She watched him from the Bay windows. When the door bell rang she went over and open the door for him.

“Come in Uncle Bob, mom left a note asking me to call you. She found a small puddle of water this morning.” she told her Uncle.

“OH HELL!!!” he thought, she’s dressed in her school uniform. He could feel his body reacting. He watched as she walked away, her ass swaying, and her short skirt would flash him the bottom of her ass cheeks. Leaning against the door frame he looked at her as she went on talking about the leak.

Her long Lt. brown hair was put up in two matching pig tails. Her crisp white blouse tried tightly under her chest. Bared skin, then the skirt hanging just at her ass cheeks. He watched as she bent over and open the cabinet door, Her round naked ass hit him right between the legs. His cock went rock hard in his Jeans. Then she turned to look at him. He wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying, his body was talking for him.

“Uncle Bob, are you all right? Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob.” she kept saying.

Suddenly he heard her asking him if he was all right. He drop the tool box and walked over to her. Pressing his body against her and slightly bending her backward on the sink.

“Hell no I’m not all right Honey. You have been driving me crazy for months now, and illegal bahis now you’ve dress up as a little school girl. Oh Fuck!” he groaned in her ear, as his hands roamed her body.

She was in heaven now. His hands cupping, squeezing her titties, and pinching her nipples. Then his hands were on her ass pulling her tighter against him. Then his mouth closed on hers, all thought left her then. Picking her up, he carried her into the living room and sat on the couch holding her. Slowly his fingers slip inside her blouse.

“Unbutton my shirt dear.” he whispered to her.

Her fingers fumbled, and slowly she pushed his shirt down his shoulders. Letting her go long enough to finish taking his shirt off. His hands moved up her back to her shoulders, then pulling against his thick hairy chest. Rubbing her nipples back and forth. Suddenly he lifts her from him.

“Put some music on and do a slow dance for me baby.” he told her.

He watched her walk away, soft music filled the room. Slowly she moved, her hands running all over her body. His breathing became harsh, and he moved his hand down his chest undoing his Jeans. Reaching inside he pulled his cock out and slowly stroke it as he watched her. When she opened her eyes and saw her Uncle’s cock she almost chicken out. His cock was enormous, must be at least 10 inches in length and as big around as her baseball bat. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled over to him.

The second her mouth closed on his cock head he let out a long deep groan. Reaching her neck, and moving his hands up and down her neck pulling he closer, his cock deeper in her mouth. As he watched her sucking his cock, he had a flash of the movie he watched last night. He wanted her to do the same thing. He pulled her off his cock and looked down at her smiling.

“Mmm, as much as I want to continue, I want you to go get a big bottle of baby oil and met me in the backyard. Now hurry up Honey I have plans for you.” he told her.

She illegal bahis siteleri ran upstairs to get the oil, and he went to the shed and grabbed the plastic trap he had left last week. Laid it out over the grass. Went back inside for a bottle of wine. He was sitting in the chair when she came out. He asked her for the bottle and told her to undress.

“Lay back and rub it in as I pour it all over you baby. Oh Ya like that. mmmmmmmm feels so good don’t it baby. By the time I get done with you, you’ll be begging your Uncle Bob for his cock. OH GOD YOU LOOK SO GOOD BABY!!!!!.” he told her.

He stood over and slowly poured the oil from her neck all the way down to her toes. Then he poured some onto his cock. Standing there stroking his cock as he watched her. Kneeling down between her spread legs, he moved closer and closer rubbing his cock head along her thigh.

“You ready baby, Hope so cause you have asked for this for months. Haven’t you baby? mmmmm, feels so good rubbing against your pussy. Oh ya, you have been running around the house in next to nothing wanting this. Tell me baby have you done the same thing to your daddy? Or am I your lucky man? Oh Sweet Jesus, yessss, so fucking tight baby. Oh fuck girl, your pussy the tightest I ever fucked.” he grunted.

Grabbing her hips so she couldn’t slip away as he thrust hard into her.

“Oh yessss, fuck me, it feels so good Uncle Bob. Harder Fuck me harder.” she cried out.

Slipping his arms under her, he flip them over. With her on top, and his hands holding her hips, he grinds her pussy into his cock over and over again.


He was tried, and just wanted to get inside and take shower and climb into bed and sleep for a week. As he reached for the door knob he heard moaning, loud moaning from the back yard. Open the front door, sat his briefcase down and slowly walked to the back door. He saw his daughter fucking someone in the backyard. As he watched her lift her pussy almost off canlı bahis siteleri that huge cock, then slam herself down again, and again. Wondering who he was. When he moved to look out over the sink he heard his daughter.

“OH FUCK YES!!!, FUCK ME!!, FUCK ME UNCLE BOB!!. I WANT IT HARD,!!!!” his daughter yelled.

He felt his cock getting harder now, as he watched his brother’s cock sliding inside his daughter. He’s fantasizing about taking her for years. Quickly he undressed, and walked outside. His brother saw him then, smile up at him.

“Oh sweet baby, tell your Uncle Bob what it would be like to have your daddy’s cock inside you.” he asked her, while looking at his brother.

“Heaven, I’ve wanted you and daddy for the longest time, could you make it happen?” she said.

“Mmmmm, oh yes baby I’ll make it happen right now. Come over here Little brother and fuck your baby girl. Slip that hard cock of yours up her tight ass hole. oh ya like that, oh baby, it wont be long now.” Her Uncle said.

She felt something pushing in her ass, turning to look, she saw her daddy smiling down at her.

“Hi baby, I see you love your Uncle Bob, are you going to love your daddy too. God I hope so Honey cause daddy sure going to love you really good. OOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!, FUCK!!!!, SO FUCKING TIGHT!!!!!” he daddy groaned.

Daddy was moving in as Uncle Bob was pulling out, then she felt daddy’s hand slipping around and down over her tummy to her pussy. She lost it when he started rubbing her clit hard and fast.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!” she screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Uncle Bob grunted as his cum blasted deep inside her pussy.


He slowly slip his cock out of her ass and told her to go get washed up before her mother gets home. He help his brother to his feet, and together they put up the plastic sheet. He told his brother to stay for dinner. He knew his wife had to go back to work tonight so he planned to keep his daughter very busy tonight. With help from his brother, she would have bother her Uncle and daddy tonight, only this time he was going to get her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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