Li-Aging, but Ageless

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My girlfriend, call her Dee, is a Chinese born American who came over as a 26 year old married student. They stayed here, her husband stayed very much a Chinese man working in the US while working for international activities and academics, and his wife trying to become more and more comfortable in American culture. He tried to keep the kids Chinese Americans, and she tried to influence them to be American kids with a respect for their heritage. I say this to set up her society groups. With her husband, she shares a solid and second tier grouping of orbiting couples who are very much Chinese transplants, living in American but living in a Chinese setting. And she has a second orbiting group of Asian families that are from a wider Asian cross section, more diverse and sharing more common American interests. Her husband is less engaged in this group, though some of their mutual friends are in both sets of friends.

I met more of Dee’s friends from her pan-Asian group as the women were a little more active in US business and social activities. Li (alias) was a thin, taller woman probably about 20 years older than Dee. She and her husband had come over from Taiwan, met at a college in NY, and married. Their money base was still in Taiwan, but in the late 1950s and 1960s, his parents had placed sons in several countries to establish family bases to counter the tension in China.

Li had money, grandchildren, and a husband who was spending a lot of time in Taiwan integrating and settling the family finances after the death of his parents. Li was pretty, but had given herself over to plastic surgeons trying to look like 35 instead of her later 60s. Too bad, because she looked a little ghoulish, too thin, too perfect, creating little imbalances. She was an older member of Dee’s circle. Maybe since I am a little older, I was introduced to Li at a lunch and Dee included me a few other times. Dee set up a separate lunch to discuss a financial issue with her and Li. I met Li and waited for Dee. Then we got a text from Dee saying she was delayed, keep talking. We did lunch, no Dee and not done discussing. Li said she had access to the concierge lounge and suggested going there to wait for Dee. As I said, she has money, clout and probably high end status with most chains.

During our discussions, she kept opening more personally to me, implying and then stating her emotional distance from her husband. No divorce, just a comfortable global family lifestyle. She warmed up and I touched her hand offering a sense of support. I withdrew, but she placed her other hand on mine and held my hand. Well the conversation went forward and I found myself finding some beauty in her sculpted face. I realized her figure was evident in the camisole under her expensive jacket. Her hanging tits were swaying and I found I was aware of the pattern of her breasts writing on her family front. Probably hanging and empty, but there was a nice shape there. The concierge hostess brought an envelope to Li. Li smiled, pulled my hand, and asked me to “Come.”

I did. A little horny, confused between hopeful and askance, but I went with her. She turned down the hall, found the room and withdrew a card key, slipping it into the lock and opening the door. She reached for me, as if I would flee, and I followed her into the nice room. Closing the door, she turned, made eye contact for the first time since leaving the lounge, held both hands and pleaded, “Please.”

I kissed her lightly and was bahis firmaları pleased as she opened her mouth and her strong tongue pushed through my lips and pressed on my tongue, twirling and twisting. We hugged lightly, then more closely. We kissed and she ground into me, my cock stirring. I had let her lead this, and now we stood still, in the hallway, not progressing into the room…toward the bed… I led, kissed her and released the hug. As she stood back. I rubbed her neck, kissed her neck, and fondled her breast. She liked the neck kiss and flinched when I cupped her breast. So I kissed more, and fondled gently feeling for her nipple. She had had some implants at some time. Too bad as I am a natural breast guy. But, she relaxed, and moved under my kisses, and I took off her jacket. We broke while I went to hang up it up. No need to hurry. I realized this was the first time I had seen her arms and realized she was toned, thin. Clear alabaster skin with a minimal sense of aging. Very nice. I untucked her family and slipped my hands up under to hold her breasts. Her lace bra felt nice and her nipples had begun to harden. Nice. The cam I came off, got hung up, and then unzipped the skirt. Her big girl panties were frilly, matching the bra. She stood there in her pantyhose, panties and bra, thin, shapely, and flushed for sex. I kneel the down in front of her and held her close, breathing in her scent. Her hands clasped my head and pulled me to her. My hands were cupping her ass cheeks, sort of flat, long but nice. I slipped her stockings down; she stepped out as I slipped them off her feet. I kneaded her ass while I kissed he groin area. She spread her feet a bit and kissed her lower groin, near her clit. The navy blue lace created a lattice over her bare skin. She had either shaved, or just did not have much hair.

Standing up, I kissed the swell of her enhanced breast, pulling her straps down. I stood back to admire her. “You are beautiful. sexy and very beautiful. And she was. Tall, slender, no fat, a little sagging, moderate breasts, sexy navy blue lingerie, dark black hair with a few strands of silver hair, and essentially pretty facial structure. Now alive with a little passion and hope. She was beautiful and sexy. Very. I started to undress and she took her chance to take the lead. She enjoyed unleashing my cock…not too big, not too hard, but available. She seemed satisfied.

I pushed her gently onto the bed, and lay down next to her. I rubbed her skin still covered in her lingerie. I pulled off her panties, and rubber her she had not shaved, but had the merest trace of soft hair. “Dee said you like shaved, but I thought this was ok.” I was jolted awake. Dee, damn, when was she to be here. “She is not joining us, though that would be interesting.” I had been set up.

After helping her wash her pussy, she did not want my help but I did, cleanliness being obligatory, we went back to bed on the crisp sheets. Her boob jobs were pretty good and the average breasts still had some natural plumpness hanging off the lumps of silica, and her nipples were very sensitive. She enjoyed the kisses, the sucking and nibbling and the fondling. We kissed, deeply. She enjoyed when I kissed her ear, really liking the ear lobe sucked and gently bit. Her hips were moving and I had not touched her there yet. My cock was hard and throbbing. I admit I was hoping I would not cum early.

I kneeled in between her legs, leaned over and kissed down from her mouth, spending kaçak iddaa time on her neck, shoulders, chest, each breast. I had held her hands out straight to her sides, extended as far as they could reach. She twisted to pull her hands free, maybe to hug me and I held her tightly, letting her know she was captured. Her eyes fluttered open in surprise and sudden awareness that I was now in charge (ok, not really, but Dee seems to love the act so I tried it with this Chinese lady). I leered at her and held a little more tightly. She pulled harder and I shook my head, no, and then leaned forward and kissed her, softly then harder and then laying on her and putting my weight in this tall porcelain beauty. I realized she was just that, a very beautiful doll, porcelain, smooth, strong, are yet well fired and willing to take the heat and wear. She kissed back hard, her tongue working to fuck my mouth. I kneeled back up, broke my stern No look and smiled. She relaxed her arms, let her fingers go out and smiled back.

I went to Li’s pussy for the first time tasted her clit, now that her panties were long gone. Her knees went up and her legs splayed wide open. She humped my mouth and for the first time she moaned as she writhed and bucked under my mouth. Her little clit was tiny, raised up, and almost white with tension. I lapped down and along her pussy and tasted her. She was sopping wet, leaking it in a silvery little stream from a pink pussy peeking between her dark brown lips. A few dark colored hairs were matted on the edges and I went back to her clit. Suddenly Li’s abdomen clenched, spasmed and she cried out crushing my head between her thighs. I dropped her hands and pushed her knees out attacking her clit and now sucking her into my mouth. She grabbed my head and tried to pull me off. I released her, looked at her and shook my head NO. I held her legs out and sucked her pubis back into my mouth tonguing her little clit, hard. She was moaning and sobbing, bucking and writhing and then cried out in either joy and ecstasy, or pain and angst. And another rolling orgasm, moans and bucking. She was tweaking and pinching her nipples and took a huge breath, arching her back and catching my head in the vise of her thighs.

I got out and went up and hugged her tightly while she writhed and rolled her shoulders and hips. She was whimpering and I rubbed her shoulders and kissed her gently. I had not understood her Chinese mumblings and was actually afraid to ask if it was good or hurt. Was she happy or upset? We cuddled and I rubbed her back, and then she turned on her side, knees away from me. I enfolded her in my arms and rubbed her legs and hips, while my stiff cock was poking into her ass cheeks. I did not try to push or rub, but let it just stick int her soft aging ass. After a while, she settled down and then reached behind her and grabbed my cock, and placed the head between her two ass cheeks, just near her anus. And she pushed, just a little. She was sodden with her juices and I could feel the crown push into her asshole. She pulled off the pressure and then pushed back onto my cock. Just enough to tease the head against her anus. No penetration, but it felt like it was settling into a little cup. She repeated several times and I pushed as if to enter. “NO,” she whispered, and pulled off, then pushing back on. I was wild. I reached for her clit and Li held my wrist, firmly denying me easy access. I held back and she rolled to face me, both on our sides, she was gorgeous, kaçak bahis lust convincing me she was not old and used up. She was really beautiful. I did not see her attempts to stay looking young, I saw the beautiful woman with enough pride and vanity to keep looking her best, but a beautiful woman truly in touch with herself. Stunning.

She pushed me on my back, straddled my waist and moved backwards until her pussy was over my cock. She rubbed her wet slit up and down the length of my cock and then curved her hips and caught my head right at her pussy, then pushing onto me. Li took the crown, and fucked it several times, moving just a bit down with every wiggle. I wanted to rust in, but let her tease me. I am not that long and it did not take her long. I wished I was longer as she was exquisitely sexy. Once down to my base, she came all the way off, then stroked down again. Her juices were flowing out like a river. I could feel it dribbling off my balls and onto my asshole. She was amazing.

Li gave me the best fuck I had in years. She started to kiss my nipple, but I knew that would trigger me, is I brought her head up and kissed her. I pushed her to sit up, but she would not. In a moment I saw that her breasts showed her age and suddenly realized she was older. Pulled her back and we just rocked together. I reached down to hold her waist and put my hands on her cheeks. As my fingers got close to her ass, I felt the wet and stuck a finger inside her. She never flinched or broke stride. She liked it, unlike several of the other Chinese women I had known. I pulled her off and moved behind for doggy. She was fantastic, arching back, hanging breasts to fondle, and then I stuck my thumb into her ass. I could feel my cock thrusting inside her pussy, and we fucked hard until I started to come. I wanted missionary, but could not hold off and went over the edge. I could feel her squeezing my dick. I was glad did that yoga and gym stuff. She was not especially tight, but she was toned and had real muscle control. We collapsed onto our sides., and I could feel the cream pie cum seeping out. I finally shrank enough to slide out, yet we lay there and I pulled the sheets up over us.

She was a treasure, and really sexy woman. I told her so. “You are amazing, a beautiful, sexy woman. I mean you are special.”

“Thanks. So are you. Thanks so much.”

Prequel: I discovered that Dee had offered me to cheer Li up. Dee and I are really close, but stuck in circumstances which keep us apart. Dee knows I had a fetish about Asian women, and after a few years together, she had introduced me to a friend and I almost cheated on her. I explained my almost mistake, and she got really pissed, breaking off our relationship. After a bit, she called me up and said she had overreacted, and would I meet for lunch. Hoping for great sex, I went all excited. Instead Dee mentioned she had told her girlfriends she had cut me off, and two had asked to meet me. Dee was shocked. One asked her what made her think she should have the fun. Most of them cheated, knowing the husbands also did. They were really liberated. Another one asked if I really liked Chinese women, and Dee admitted I had a thing for Asians. One of her friends had laughed and suggested that if Dee was not there, I would end up at a massage parlor or some traveling hooker. Dee considered, also realized she was missing the fun we had had for several years. So our lunch did not end up in bed, but with a strange relationship in which she would introduce me in a special way to her friends as long as I would not get emotionally involved. Li was the third friend Dee set up. But she was by far the biggest surprise, and the best.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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