Living At The End Of The Road Ch. 01

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She was hot, with the sun was beating down on her. She decides to go for a swim. Her nearest neighbor is two house’s down, The Buckley’s were in Japan for the next 3 months, so she took off her sundress grab’s a few towels dropping them on a chair near the pool’s edge, she slip into the cool silky water.

“Mmmmm, feels so good.” she moans.

He stop’s dead when he see her, she’s so hot looking, even being on the chubby side made her all the more hot. He feels his cock getting hard. He watches her body slowly slide down in the water leaving only her huge tit’s floating. Licking his lips, wanting to taste them, his hand reach’s down and unzip his jeans. His fingers close around his semi-hard cock, slowly he strokes it.

“Oh ya baby!! Show me some more.” he says to himself.

She was cooled off now, but she was feeling horny. She cup her tit, pinches a nipple, and with her other hand she rubbed her pussy. She was just getting into it when she slip’s under the water.

“Well this isn’t going to work.” she said to herself.

She goes over to the big steps, and leans back on them and starts playing with her pussy again. She closes her eyes and thinks about her sexy neighbor up the street. She met him only a few times, but she had fantasized about him endless times.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but he sure felt it. His cock was so fucking hard it was throbbing, visible moving up and down wanting to slide inside her. He took off his clothes and walks over to her.

“May bostancı escort bayan I join you?” he asks.

Her eyes flew open and all she could see at first was an enormous long, hard cock above her. Then she saw who was holding that massive cock. It was her fantasy man. All she could do was nod her head yes. He moves into the water and slip between her long legs, resting his cock head against her pussy, he rubs it up and down, making her moan for more. Lifting her legs he place them around his hips and back, then slowly pushed his way inside.

“OH GOD YESSSSSSSSS!!!!” she groans.

“SO FUCKING TIGHT.” he grunts.

Slipping his hand under her ass, lifting her up, he thrust’s hard into her. Both were breathing hard. She looked down and saw he was half buried in her. He reaches between their bodies and rubs her clitous fast, making her groan. Then he pulls back and slam’s his cock in again. He was buried deep inside her tight pussy, and he couldn’t move for fear he’d explode, holding her he rolled her to be on top. Pulling her head to his he kissed her hard and then lick her ear.

“FUCK ME BABY, RIDE MY HORSE.” he whispers to her.

She sat up, rotated her hips, grinding her pussy on his cock. He reach down and squeezed his balls so he wouldn’t cum yet. He wanted to let her have hers first. Seconds later she cried out she was cumming, and he felt the blast of hot cum soaking his cock. When her breathing return to normal again.

“Mmm baby I ümraniye escort want to fuck you doggy.” he said.

He saw the glimmer in her eyes and her head nod yes. He slowly pulls out and help’s her to her feet and they walk over to the blanket that was laid out in the plush grass. She got on her hands and knees.

“Come on honey, dip your pole in my pot and give me some hot honey.” she tells him in a harsh voice.

He moves behind her and put his cock head against her pussy and slammed into her hard, burying his cock fully.

“YES!!!!…. FUCK ME!!!!…….MAKE ME CUM!!!!!.” she screamed to him and any one who could hear her.

He held her hips and pounded his cock into her, his balls slapping her ass hard. He was fucking her so hard when he looked up he saw that his twin brother was watching from the brushes, he motion for him to come over. He did with his cock hanging out, and his hand pumping it fast.

“Get under her and let her suck your cock.” he tells his brother.

She see someone standing in front of her and then she hears him talking, then he lays down and slids under her, his cock pointing straight up at her face. She lowered her mouth and lick the dark red tip of his cock. One taste of his precum made her moan ,and take his cock deep into her mouth. Her hands went to his balls and she gently squeezes and plays with them.

“Oh God, feels so good.” he tells his brother.

He smiles as he watch’s her suck his brother’s cock. Thinking to himself escort kartal that she was enjoying his cock more than she had his, but that was alright cause he was loving her tight pussy. He also knew he would be filling it real soon. She was slamming her ass back at him.

“I’m CUMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!.” he groans.

While his cock was still not ready to fill her mouth with cum yet. He sat up and eased her onto her back and slide out of her mouth with a popping sound. He kisses her, slipping her his tongue, and his hands squeezing her tit’s. She went crazy as his lips move down over her neck then the tops of her tit’s.

“OH GOD YESSSSSSS!!!” she groans when his tongue flips across a nipple.

She opens her eyes to see the other brother sitting at the edge of the pool watching them.

“Oh baby I have to feel this pussy wrapped around my cock, please.” he whispers.

She forgets about everything else, she nods her head yes and groans as he slids his hard cock deep into her pussy. She didn’t care if the brother’s looked alike, this brother’s cock was bigger, fatter than his brother’s and she was in love with this one. He was the gentlest lover, but he also was the most passionate one she’s ever had.

“Oh yes!!!!……Oh god fuck me!!!!!” she moans.

He grips her hips, holding her tight, rocking his cock into her.

“Oh god baby, so fucking tight, you make a man feel so fucking good, oh yes, that’s it baby fuck me, oh yes, oh god baby I’m going to cum.” he groans in her ear.

“OOOOOOO.” she moans

He feels her pussy tighten around him.

“OH GOD, AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!” he grunts.

His body jerks, blasting hot thick wads of cum deep inside her pussy. He collapses on top of her. When she opens her eyes he’s gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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