Michael and Nicole: Randy

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It had been a few weeks since the couple, Michael and Nicole, enjoyed their first threesome with their friend Jeremy. They both enjoyed themselves more than they expected and had discovered more about themselves as well.

Nicole realized that she did in fact want to find men that wanted to be more dominant, and Michael discovered he enjoyed watching Nicole with another man even if he participated very little if at all.

Jeremy had even noticed this and texted Nicole about reaching out to his friend Randy. The couple debated this as they enjoyed their time with Jeremy so much. Jeremy reassured them he wanted to have more threesomes with them, but that Randy might be able to add a different, unique layer to the experience.

After a week the couple decided to at least text Randy and see if he was interested. Randy was a twenty-five year old yoga instructor, teaching lessons out of his home as well as at his home. He wasn’t afraid to jump straight to setting a time to have the couple over for a lesson at his home, knowing exactly why Jeremy suggested the couple reach out to him.

Randy made it very clear there would be no physical contact between himself and Michael. Randy was not bisexual and his sexual interest was strictly with Nicole. He said he didn’t mind Michael being there or even jerking off, but there would be no sexual contact between them.

The couple was fine with this as the whole point was exploring whatever uniqueness Randy brought to the equation. Randy was very complimentary of Nicole’s body after he had Michael take some explicit pictures of her in various poses. The couple both enjoyed Randy’s compliments and found Randy attractive based on his pictures as well.

Randy had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was a couple inches shorter than Michael at six feet even, making him a couple inches taller than Nicole. Randy was skinnier than both Michael and Nicole, but yoga clearly gave him lean, flexible muscle.

Nicole slipped into a pair of her black leggings, not bothering to put on panties as she figured they’d just get in the way if they decided to fool around with Randy. She put on a bright pink sports bra as well and just a light jacket for the drive over to Randy’s.

Michael went with a similar approach, going commando as he put on a pair of navy joggers. He decided to go with an orange tank top to give him the least amount of restriction as they went through the yoga poses.

“You ready babe?” Michael called up the stairs to the bedroom.

“Yeah honey, coming down now.” Nicole responded.

Nicole made her way down the stairs, her excitement building at the idea of their upcoming yoga lesson. She loved the attention she always received from Michael, but the attention she received from Jeremy excited her in a different way. Even the compliments from Randy over text brought her a level of arousal she hadn’t anticipated.

The couple jumped into their car and headed over to Randy’s house which was only a short distance from them. They enjoyed the pleasant drive, their minds wandering as they thought of how their lesson with Randy would go.

“Nervous?” Michael asked Nicole as they were a couple minutes out from Randy’s house.

“Less than the first time, you?” Nicole asked.

“Same, I feel like the initial nerves of involving someone else in our sex life have gone away. Now it’s more how will a new person mesh with what we want.” Michael told Nicole.

“I agree, Randy seems a bit more dominant than Jeremy which is exciting.” Nicole said.

“He definitely seems more interested in cuckolding to some degree,” said Michael.

“Is that okay with you?” Nicole asked.

“Yeah, it actually excites me.” Michael reassured Nicole.

“Oh yeah?” Nicole asked, sliding her hand along Michael’s groin feeling his bulge through his joggers. “Oh my it does.” Nicole said with a smile.

Michael smiled back at Nicole, enjoying the feeling of her hand rubbing his cock as they pulled up to Randy’s house. Nicole withdrew her hand as the car came to a stop and the couple got out.

“Glad we’ve already talked about sex with Randy, wouldn’t normally show up to a yoga lesson with a hard on.” Michael said with a smile.

Nicole laughed and replied “this is definitely not going to be a typical yoga lesson.”

The couple reached the door and Michael knocked a few times. It didn’t take long before Randy opened the door wearing a light blue tank top and white joggers similar to Michael’s.

“Hello, come on in.” Randy said pleasantly.

“Thank you,” replied Nicole as the couple stepped inside.

Randy has a very large living room, three yoga mats already laid out on the floor. The large living room space must have been a factor in his home purchase, as you could have easily fit a class of ten yoga students in the living room.

One mat was clearly Randy’s as it was in the lead position, with the other two mats staggered one closer to Randy’s lead mat.

“Nicole take the mat here,” Randy said, gesturing to the mat closest to the lead mat. “And Michael take escort ataşehir this mat,” Randy said, gesturing to the mat staggered to the left and behind the other mat.

Michael and Nicole took their positions, interested in how quickly Randy took control of this situation. Randy stood on his lead mat, turning to face both Nicole and Michael.

“We will start simple and see where things take us,” Randy said with a smile. “Let’s start with the tree pose,” Randy instructed.

Michael and Nicole had foundational yoga experience, and followed Randy into the tree post with the bottom of their left feet placed against their right leg.

“Very good, make sure to stand tall and breathe in and out deeply.” Randy said as he demonstrates.

Michael and Nicole followed the instructions, Randy’s eyes lingering on Nicole’s sports bra covered breasts as she stood tall and took a deep breath in and out.

The couple noticed his lingering eyes and wondered how things were going to progress.

“Next let’s enter the warrior pose,” Randy instructed. “Lead with the left foot, arms extended.” Randy continued his instruction as he demonstrated.

He approached Nicole and gently moved his hand along her body to help put her arms and back in the correct position. As he helped adjust her back his hand found her lower back and finally her pronounced butt.

“Can you feel that deep stretch?” Randy asked, his hand squeezing Nicole’s butt firmly.

“Yes,” Nicole responded, excitement building as Randy began to take a physical level of control.

“Let’s transition into a downward dog,” Randy instructed, remaining behind Nicole as the couple transitioned.

Nicole’s butt was not inches from Randy’s groin and as he pressed himself into Nicole to assist with her alignment, Nicole felt the bulge of his hard cock against her butt. Her arousal began to stir as Randy applied a bit more pressure, his hands sliding from her back to her hips. Randy squeezed gently on her hips as his hands retracted.

“Michael, take the lotus position.” Randy ordered.

Michael listened to the order, assuming the lotus pose with his legs crossed on the floor.

“Nicole, kneel.” Randy instructed.

Nicole obeyed the instruction, moving to a comfortable kneeling position.

“You are both very good listeners,” Randy told them.

The couple mutually enjoyed the praise as Randy moved back to his mat. Right before their eyes Randy removed his tank top and joggers. Randy too had not bothered with underwear, and the couple had their eyes on his impressive, hard cock. It must have been about seven inches long and slightly less thick than Jeremy’s cock. It also curved a bit back toward his body which Nicole felt would press wonderfully against her g-spot.

“Nicole, open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Randy ordered.

Nicole thought it was a little odd, but did as she was told. Randy walked to her and slid his cock along her outstretched tongue, coating it a little in her saliva as Michael watched from the floor. Once Randy had a bit of saliva on his cock, he rubbed it slowly against Nicole’s cheeks. This left trails of saliva along Nicole’s cheeks as Randy slid his cock back into her mouth.

“Suck my cock,” Randy instructed.

Nicole slid a hand to the base of Randy’s cock as she closed her mouth around it. No sooner had she done that did Randy withdraw his cock and slap Nicole on the face with it.

“Can you suck with your hands?” Randy asked as Nicole and Michael were caught off guard.

“No,” Nicole responded, the cock slap surprising and humiliating, but she couldn’t deny the stirring it caused in her pussy.

“Now, suck my cock.” Randy reiterated.

Nicole kept her hands down as she closed her lips around Randy’s cock. She slowly slid her head back and forth, wanting to impress Randy with her oral skills. Randy slid his hand along Nicole’s head, taking a hold of the back of her skull. He pulled her forward, his hooked cock slipping into her throat. Nicole worked to relax her throat as Randy pushed himself into it, but her eyes watered gently. Normally Nicole would have pulled herself back but Randy held her in place, his cock buried in her throat. Nicole’s throat tightened around Randy’s cock, and she gagged on it gently.

Michael watched almost frozen in place, his cock hardening in his joggers, as he watched his girlfriend gag on another man’s cock. Part of him wanted to stop it but his arousal had him glued to the spot as Nicole gagged again, this time a bit of drool rolling out of her mouth and down her chin.

Randy released Nicole’s head, allowing her to catch her breath for a moment before pushing his cock back down into Nicole’s throat. Nicole was more ready for his cock this time, but the force caused her to choke a bit and cough up more drool onto Randy’s cock and her chin.

“Mmm choke on my cock,” Randy said in a deep, forceful tone as he slid his cock back only a few inches before slipping it back down into Nicole’s throat.

Nicole was adjusting to him in her throat kadıköy escort but it still made her throat flex and eyes water as he gently fucked her throat. Once Nicole had couched a sizable amount of drool onto Randy’s cock, he withdrew it and slid his saliva covered cockhead over Nicole’s forehead, nose, and cheeks.

“Look at how messy you are,” Randy said talking down to Nicole. “Do you enjoy cock down your throat?” Randy asked.

“Yes,” Nicole admitted. Despite feeling a little humiliated, Randy’s force and command had her pussy on fire. Michael never spoke to her this way and it made her feel very naughty.

“Back in downward dog Nicole,” Randy ordered.

Nicole was quick to enter the pose Michael noticed, this was clearly exciting her which only fed into his arousal. Nicole and him had discussed their limits beforehand after having done more research into cuckolding. While Randy didn’t necessarily fit the typical bill for cuckolding them, he seemed to enjoy the humiliation aspects.

“Good girl,” Randy said as he ran his hand over Nicole’s ass cheeks.

Randy drew his hand back and brought it down hard onto Nicole’s ass. Nicole let out a deep breath as Randy’s hand smacked her ass.

“Keep your balance,” Randy said as he brought his hand down on her ass again. “Lift your left leg back,” Randy ordered.

Nicole worked to maintain her balance as her left leg came back into the air. This also tightened her left ass cheek which Randy quickly spanked hard. Nicole let out another deep breath, the spanking combined with her precarious position clearly arousing her. Randy’s head moved from Nicole’s ass to her legging covered pussy. This caught Nicole off guard and caused her to lose her balance.

Randy clearly predicted this and helped soften her fall to the floor.

“Tsk, tsk.” Randy said. “Bra off,” Randy commanded.

Nicole obeyed, taking hold of her sports bra and pulling it off over her head.

“Toss it away,” Randy ordered.

Nicole did just that, her breasts bouncing slightly as she did.

“On your feet,” Randy ordered.

Nicole moved to her feet quickly, clearly wanting to please Randy. Randy took a step closer to Nicole, cupping both her breasts with his hands.

“You lost your balance, and that can’t go unpunished.” Randy told Nicole as his fingers found her nipples.

Randy played with them softly, causing Nicole to close her eyes and exhale deeply out her nose. Randy’s soft touch became more firm, applying a slightly painful amount of pressure to Nicole’s nipples.

Nicole’s eyes shot open and a mixture of a moan and a gasp escaped her lips.

“Will you do better to obey me?” Randy asked, not releasing the slightly painful hold on Nicole’s nipples.

“Ah…mmm, yes.” Nicole replied with a mix of pain and pleasure in her voice.

“Good girl,” Randy said as he eased the pressure on Nicole’s nipples.

Michael was rock hard now as he remained on the floor. He never thought he could be so turned on from simply watching Nicole with another man. The threesome with Jeremy was hot, but Randy was introducing them to something else entirely.

“Remove your bottoms,” Randy commanded.

Nicole slid her leggings off revealing her bare ass and pussy.

“You were ready to be naked for me, what a naughty girl you are becoming.” Randy said to Nicole as she tossed her leggings to the side.

Nicole blushed slightly as Randy called her a naughty girl, knowing he was absolutely right.

“Get down into a crab walk position,” Randy ordered Nicole.

Nicole and Michael were a little confused as Nicole moved into the crab walk position, the back of her head toward Michael as she faced Randy. Randy moved to his knees in front of Nicole, and slid his hands along her legs and ass. Randy lifted Nicole’s lower half up and slid her legs over his shoulders so her pussy was inches from his face.

“Don’t lose your balance,” Randy said before moving his face closer to Nicole’s already slightly wet pussy.

Nicole kept herself stabilized as Randy’s tongue met her pussy. The pleasure sent shivers along her body as Randy ran his tongue along her pussy. Michael watched as Randy started eating out Nicole in such an interesting position. Randy clearly had a strong body, and Michael could see Randy’s arms flexing as he kept Nicole’s lower half elevated as he pleasured her orally.

Nicole tried to let herself relax, but her arms started to shake slightly as she kept herself off the ground. Randy noticed the slight shake, and increased the pressure on Nicole’s pussy with his tongue.

“Mmm yes,” Nicole moaned out gently as her pussy stirred from the pleasure.

Randy swirled his tongue around Nicole’s clit, driving more of her sweet juices into his tongue. The pleasure was becoming overwhelming for Nicole, Randy’s talented tongue driving her closer to orgasm.

Randy switched it up by locking his lips onto Nicole’s clit and gently sucking which sent a new wave of pleasure through Nicole. Nicole’s arms started shaking more violently as maltepe escort bayan they became more tired, and the pleasure from Randy’s tongue split her focus.

“Oh fuck…mmm yes.” Nicole moaned out as Randy switched between sucking and licking Nicole’s clit.

The intensity became too much, and Nicole let out a deep moan as she started to cum onto Randy’s face. Randy started lapping up Nicole’s juices as they flooded his mouth, the overwhelming sensations causing Nicole to lose her strength and slip onto the floor.

Randy stood up, letting Nicole’s lower half gently slip onto the ground as he said “lost your balance again.”

Nicole was still panting from her orgasm, knowing that she would be punished again for losing her balance.

Randy leaned down, reaching over Nicole to take hold of her hair. He gripped her hair and guided her over onto her hands and knees. Nicole was now inches from Michael, her face close to the rock hard bulge in his joggers. It was clear that he was aroused and that heightened Nicole’s arousal.

Randy got down on his knees behind Nicole, his hands running along Nicole’s ass cheeks. With both hands, Randy brought them back and down onto Nicole’s ass. Nicole let out a moan, mixed slightly with a grown, as Randy didn’t pull his spanking like Jeremy did.

Nicole looked up into Michael’s eyes as Randy brought his hands down into her ass again. Michael could tell Nicole enjoyed the spanking, even though it was definitely at least a little painful for her. Nicole enjoyed the slight pain, enjoyed feeling like a naughty girl.

Randy’s cock throbbed as he brought his hands down onto Nicole’s ass cheeks, watching them turn slightly pink where his hands were smacking.

“Do you enjoy having your ass smacked?” Randy asked as he spanked Nicole.

“Yes,” Nicole replied in a very aroused, breathy tone.

“Is it because you’re a bad girl?” Randy asked, again smacking Nicole’s ass.

“Yes,” Nicole replied with a slight moan.

“Tell Michael you want my cock inside you,” Randy said.

“I want Randy’s cock in me,” Nicole said, looking directly into Michael’s eyes.

Michael knew Nicole wanted Randy inside her, knew that Nicole wanted to be fucked hard by Randy’s cock.

Randy flipped Nicole over, her head resting on Michael’s lap as Randy spread her legs. Nicole’s arms slid around Michael to embrace him but also help stabilize herself. Randy positioned himself at Nicole’s slick, wet pussy. Nicole wrapped her legs around Randy as he began to push the head of his cock inside her.

Michael watched as Nicole closed her eyes, the satisfaction of feeling Randy enter her wash over her. Randy remained on his knees, using his arms to lift Nicole slightly off the ground as he used both hips and arms to slide himself deeper inside Nicole.

“Mmm that pussy feels good,” Randy moaned out as he slid inch by inch into Nicole’s tight, wet pussy.

Nicole’s mouth gaped open slightly as the head of Randy’s slightly hooked cock brushed along her g-spot. That pleasure intensified as Randy reached balls deep inside Nicole, Randy feeling his balls against Nicole’s ass. Randy slid back a few inches, his cock brushing Nicole’s g-spot on the way back too. Randy watched Nicole’s reactions as he brushed her g-spot gently as he moved his cock slowly back and forth. Once Randy felt he knew where her spot was, he started to thrust in and out harder. With each thrust, Randy entered Nicole’s balls deep but only pulled back far enough so his cock head brushed her spot each time.

Nicole bit her bottom lip, the precision of Randy’s thrusting like nothing she ever felt before. He knew right where her spot was and that, combined with how deeply he was entering her, was driving up her orgasm again. The way Randy was able to angle Nicole exactly how he wanted her as he gripped her lower half with his arms.

“Oh…mmm…my god,” Nicole moaned out as Randy started to really fuck her now.

Randy’s balls smacked Nicole’s ass as he fucked her, Michael’s cock throbbing as he could feel the thrusts as Nicole’s head pushed back into him. Nicole’s arms tightened around Michael as Randy’s fucking drove her over the edge and she moaned out, the muscles in her neck tensing and her face turning pink as she orgasmed onto Randy’s cock.

Randy moaned out as Nicole’s pussy tightened around his cock, her orgasm driving him closer to his own orgasm. Randy didn’t slow down his thrusting as Nicole’s juices allowed him to continue sliding deeply into her tight, throbbing pussy.

“Oh yes, yes mmm right there.” Nicole moaned out as another orgasm started building right after the first.

Randy pounded into Nicole’s pussy, his cock slick with her cum as he made each thrust count. He felt his orgasm building as Nicole arched her back as Randy drove her to another orgasm. Nicole’s moans filled the room as Randy reached the point of no return, pulled out his cock and started shooting his load onto Nicole.

Michael watched as Randy stroked his own cock, aiming his cum onto Nicole’s chest and stomach. Nicole was still riding out her orgasm and hadn’t even noticed her torso was getting coated in Randy’s cum. As Nicole came down for the orgasm, and sensations started to return, she felt the warm, sticky substance on her body. The sensation made her feel so dirty and naughty.

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