Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 10

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Jade laughingly departed from her friends with one last wave and a smile. The smile held strong for all of two minutes before falling from her face as soon as she gained access to her apartment. She ruefully acknowledged that it hadn’t taken long for her to become a master in the art of deceit.

The move to New York had been calculated, as well as the relationships she had built at a frantic pace. She went out every day whether she wanted to or not. Parties, wine bars, sporting events, movies; it didn’t matter where. As long as her mind was occupied and she had people who would worry if they didn’t see her often.

She had even pushed herself out of her comfort zone and acquired a new highly visible job as a Life Coach at her local community center. It wouldn’t be so easy to remove her from her life a second time.

Jade had no doubt that Akim was looking for her, but she was determined that he would never find her.

Moving cities and making friends were the least of the changes she had made. Her hair had been cut, colored and chemically straightened, her name legally changed, and her rich green eyes all but non-existent under her new ice blue contacts.

No one looking at her now would ever associate her with the doe eyed innocent that had been kidnapped only months before.

Her keys dropped to the dining room table with a clatter as she kicked off her stilettos and made her way to the kitchen in search of Miko. Miko was a mild-mannered, affectionate cat except when he hadn’t eaten. Then he turned into the worst kind of ornery stalker.

Jade flipped on the kitchen light seeking Miko out. It was a little past Miko’s dinner time and she was surprised he hadn’t accosted her at the door. She stopped short once the room flooded with light.

Miko was curled up and purring ferociously as Akim’s big hand scratched him behind the ears. She felt a small stab of envy remembering how those hands had felt stroking her. She stifled those emotions and replaced them with something a bit more appropriate. Like anger. Anger she could do.

“How did you get in here?”

The angry question was ripped from her lips as her eyes quickly scanned around verifying there was no one else in the apartment. She couldn’t be sure, she acknowledged, after all she hadn’t even known Akim was in the apartment.

His coolly mocking smile was her reply.

They existed in silence for a time, staring at each other with accusing eyes.

His gaze slowly swept her form from toe to temple missing nothing in between. After a time he said, “I wondered if it was you.”

His tone was pensive, almost as if he was speaking to himself, but the intense fire in his eyes said his thoughts were on her alone.

“Everything is different.” His hand swept out to catalogue the changes. “Your hair, your eyes. Even your name.”

She shrugged her shoulder negating that it was any of his concern. “I didn’t know you cared.”

He chuckled. “Everything about you fascinates me Anastasia. Of course I care.”

She didn’t miss the way he slid her name into his reply. His tone had changed as he had formed the syllables of her new name, and it hadn’t been a positive change.

“Anastasia not to your liking?” she drawled, edging away from him to put herself within close reach of her phone.

She had other resources in the apartment for emergencies, but she wanted to get rid of him without sirens and sniffing dogs if possible. She kept talking to distract him as she moved. “I thought you’d appreciate the irony if you ever caught up with me.”

His low chuckle followed her as she casually headed for her purse. “Russian for resurrection,” he acknowledged. “Charming.”

“I thought so.” Jade threw a meaningless smile in his direction as she gained the table. Her hand had just closed around her cellphone when his insidious voice wrapped around her.

“Calling Ryan are you?” His tone was pure insolence. “Or is it Phillip?” He let that sink in, let her acknowledge that he knew who she had been seeing. “It is hard to keep track; you go out so often these days.”

Akim deposited the cat on the floor before purposefully striding in her direction.

She had seconds to do something before he was within reach, and what would happen then she didn’t want to imagine. Call Ryan? Press the security button? Run for it? Yeah, run for it.

She turned and ran for the door, one hand lifting to open the locks and the other resting on her necklace in case she made it out. The pretty bauble hid a high tech device that would activate her security system if she left the perimeter without deactivating it. It was her fail safe against being taken while unconscious.

Jade had already alerted her security company that she was high risk for kidnapping and the tracking device in her earrings ensured they could find her anywhere in the world.

The necklace and the earrings were both thoughtful gifts from Ryan in his bid to coerce her into taking their relationship further. dikmen escort bayan While she hadn’t gone into details, she had told him an obsessive ex who thought nothing of kidnapping had made her weary of relationships. If it wasn’t in direct opposition to her wishes, she might’ve been impressed by Ryan’s tenacious attempts to change her mind.

Haste made her clumsy and she was still fumbling with the locks when Akim’s arms closed around her. Her fingers toyed with the necklace while she determined if she should set it off.

She stood passive in his arms for a moment wondering what would come next. She didn’t have long to wait. His lips lowered to plant a delicate kiss against the back of her neck.

A shiver raced up her spine and she bucked against him hoping he would release her. His touch was too skillful. She knew it would be mere seconds before he seduced her of her will to flee.

“Let me go,” she demanded. Her tone huskier than she would have liked, but beggars couldn’t be choosy.

His arms shifted minutely and she thought maybe, just maybe, he was responding favorably to her request. Then he pressed her deeper into the door, one hand settled on her waist keeping her anchored to him, and the other slid up to caress her breast.

A prince to the very end. He did only what pleased him.

Her hand covered his trying to slow his progress. It only made him that much more determined to enjoy her body.

He was pleasantly surprised to find she wasn’t wearing a bra. His desire escalated from a simmer to a full on boil. His passive hand slid up from her waist and began an intensive exploration of her other breast. He gently knocked her hand aside and continued massaging the twin globes.

Her hips moved in an unconscious rhythm of seduction against his throbbing cock even as she thought of ways to repel him. Her head tilted back towards his for a second. It was all the invitation he needed to steal another kiss.

His lips slid down the side of her neck leaving a small trail of love bites in their wake. Her head fell forward as desire racked her slender frame. There was a “no” on the tip of her tongue that was never given voice.

He felt the increasing pliancy of her body and used the moment to ease her dress to the floor. Her mind was half numb, simultaneously needing the pleasure she knew he could provide and clutching at her newfound freedom.

His hands eased away from her curves as he spent precious seconds divesting himself of his own clothes. Her hand took up a restless rhythm caressing her breast in his absence.

She admitted she was well and truly caught up in a web of relentless desire. She could feel the rock hard tip of an aroused nipple under her hand and was astounded anew at the sexual creature he had created.

His hands slid over her skin as he kicked off his last garment and she willed them to slide down her body. When he was too slow in reading her mind, she covered his questing hands with her own, drawing them to the desired area. Their fingers tangled in the wet curls between her legs for a second before she drew her hand away and leaned into him.

She could feel the tension in the band of her panties as his hand stretched the delicate fabric and she wanted him to tear that final barrier away.

She clutched his thighs as his strokes grew bolder. His fingers abandoned the gentle pressure they were applying to her clit and slid two deep. She arched hard against the door, nearly climaxing right then. Her desire hit fever pitch as those two thick fingers relearned the contours of her flesh.

She pushed away from him and dropped to her knees.

She needed more.

Her tongue swiped quickly over his straining length for a quick taste before she went after the banquet. Her mouth wrapped tightly around him as she moved her head back and forth. At his harsh groan of pleasure she increased her rhythm, his pleasure paramount in her mind.

She had fallen in love with this aspect of their lovemaking. She lived for this moment where she had complete control of his pleasure and of him.

His hands were clenched by his side as he let her control the pace and she enjoyed her work all the more. She slid him deep into the back of her throat until she had to pull back or choke. It was worth triggering her gag reflex to feel him tremble before she backed off.

She pushed him closer to the edge varying her speed and how deep she took him. Her range of tactics ensured his body was surprised afresh with each delight her mouth and hand wrought in him.

She liked him like this. On edge. At her mercy. Nearly docile.

His thigh tensed under her hand and she knew he would cum if she didn’t cease.

She rose to her feet shrugging off her panties as she did so, and took his hand, leading him to her bedroom. She made peace with the fact that this was going to happen. That this needed to happen. She would fight him again, she swore, as soon as this was emek escort bayan over.

Jade pushed him down on the bed, enjoying the dark passion that clouded his eyes. Her mind flashed back to all the times they had done this in the past. Because he required it. Because she had to.

This time was all for her. Because she desired it. Because, although she was free now, she still had to. For her sanity.

Her hand fell to his broad chest to steady herself as she straddled his thighs. They worked in unison to get him where they both wanted him. Her hands spread the globes of her bottom to give him better access and he eased himself into her wet honeyed depths.

Her hips started moving immediately. Bouncing up and down in an impassioned rhythm that told him that while she wasn’t necessarily happy to see him, she hadn’t taken any lovers since they’d been apart.

Her back arched in pleasure as his hands smoothed up the curve of her waist and took position on her breasts. She loved it, she acknowledged. Every second of their time spent in intimate contact.

Her hips bucked frantically on top of him and although she was seconds from climax it wasn’t enough. She needed to connect with him as she had before.

Her eyes caught his, but something wasn’t quite right. It was almost as if he was looking through her.

She caught the reflection of her ice blue eyes within the depth of his and realized that he was trying to see her through the stranger’s mask she had donned.

She embraced his face and slowly lowered her mouth to his. His eyes closed as he accepted her embrace and finally accepted wholeheartedly who she was. Jade. His Jade.

It wasn’t lost on him that she had effectively changed a moment of passion into a moment of love.

His eyes snapped open, nearly obsidian as they locked with hers in a moment of pure connection. She saw the knowledge in his eyes.

Their frantic pace of moments before had slowed to nearly non-existent, yet she continued to twitch and flinch in his arms. She suddenly reared back as her internal muscles took up a samba on his dick.

Outwardly she appeared calm and as caught up in the beauty of the moment as he, but the convulsions within the depth of her pussy told a tale of desire that surpassed the physical. She was on the verge of orgasm from emotional satiation alone.

Her hands fell to either side of his knees as her spine arched in another spasm of pleasure. The gasps falling from her lips were nearly incoherent as she undulated on top of him begging for more.

He let her continue to control their movements until the moment that her muscles clenched down on him in climax.

It was scant seconds later that he rolled her onto her back and took control.

His dominant position left her wide open to his will. His hips bucked quickly in and out of her. She rested a single hand on his chest, enjoying the feel of the hard muscle flexing under her touch.

His eyes were unnerving as he watched her face, watched her for signs of pleasure. She had forgotten what that was like. To be the sole focus of his desire.

Her neck arched back as a whip of pleasure struck her. Her heaving gasps and his groans of pleasure were the only sound in the room as he worked her body hard.

Her hand clasped his neck as he continued, pleasure ripping her to shreds as he continued to thrust. Deep. Hard. His concentration was unshakable as he possessed her and only as she quivered in orgasm did he release his control of her body.

He gave her just seconds to recover before directing her onto her stomach.

He eased her hips up marginally, keeping her mostly supine on the bed. He straddled her buttocks and thrust forward into her drenched flesh. Her hands supported her upper body for only a second before whipping back to clutch his rock hard thighs.

A high pitched scream rent the air as her pleasure peaked. A smile of pure joy spread across his face. The blond vixen beneath him might appear to be vastly different from his Jade in looks, but the increasing sensitivity during sex that his Jade was known for was an obvious tell.

She could change her appearance on the outside, but she was still the woman he had fallen in love with on the inside. Relief that he had found her at last filled him.

Her breathing was labored as she glanced back, curious as to what had caused his laughter. Her body strained to accommodate her angle as she struggled to process the pleasure, and catch a glimpse of his face.

She needn’t have bothered. Whatever had caused his momentary amusement was not apparent when she glanced back. She could only see the single-minded focus with which he regarded her. He wanted her.

She tried to gather her breath to ask him, but his clever fingers slid between her legs and stroked her throbbing clit. She could do no more than moan at the pleasure and submit to his will.


Jade stared at her reflection as she eryaman escort bayan let the realities of the last 24 hours sink in. Everything was always different after.

After everything he had done to her. Everything she had allowed him to do to her. Everything they had done to each other. She was alone at last.

For now at least.

It wouldn’t be long before he was awake. He had always had a sickening amount of energy even after very little or no sleep. Especially when it came to sex.

Jade turned to the shower, running her hand under the water to ensure it was the temperature she wanted before stepping inside. She was hopeful the soothing rainfall would help ease some of her tension and provide suitable peace while she considered what to do next.

Run? Again?

Try to talk him into leaving?

Knowing him to be less than reasonable when it came to her, perhaps the best option was to call the police.

She could always just invite him to stay in her apartment and see where it went. That last caused a self-deprecating chuckle to fall from her lips. The idea of Akim roughing it in a humble one bedroom somehow didn’t seem likely even if they had professed loving one another.

Twisting another knob, she allowed additional water to spray from the walls. Jade quickly showered and returned to the bedroom.

She blew out a frustrated sigh as she toweled her hair; her mind clearing shower had been useless at providing any meaningful epiphanies. What to do? What to do?

As she passed his sleeping form one clear, but inappropriate, thought popped into her head. He had a body that could make God weep in envy. It was certainly making her weep in all the right places. She clenched her thighs as she felt slick cream gather between her legs.

All that golden, hard flesh so near was tempting. Too tempting.

Before she could second-guess herself she reached out and pulled the sheet off the bed exposing him to her avarice gaze. A slow smile curled her lips as she expressed thanks that he was sleeping on his back.

She gently gripped the base of his cock and stroked her hand to the tip. Slowly she stroked him again and again.

She reveled in the hard proof of his masculinity. Morning wood knew no boundaries and she delighted in her plan carefully crawling over him so as not to wake him.

He would be alert soon enough.

She held the base steady and gently lowered her mouth. It was too early for acrobatics so she kept it simple.

Jade slid her mouth up and down his cock in a nice slow rhythm. It would take longer, but he could cum just like this.

She felt a slight change in the tension in his thighs and knew he was waking up. Her eyes lifted so they could share his first moments of consciousness.

When his graceful lashes swept up his eyes immediately found hers. He didn’t say anything. He gently stroked his hand over her hair once and relaxed into her ministrations.

He was gratified to see that she had removed her contact lenses, and that at last he could luxuriate in the intense green eyes he had come to love. He could only dwell on her eyes for a second before that line of thinking was swept away by her talented mouth.

Her mouth still felt like heated honey, he acknowledged. He loved honey.

The temptation to taste that mouth for himself was overwhelming. Almost helplessly he sat up to take a kiss. She indulged him, planting a soft sweet kiss on his lips before bending back to his dick.

He growled a little under his breath. He wanted more, but she was running the show and he let her. She would pay for her maddening pace later.

He looked at the crown of her head and watched the preciseness of her movements. Her style was different.

He knew she hadn’t had sex with the other men she frequently went out with, but that didn’t mean she didn’t do this for them.

His hand tangled in her hair stilling her movements. Her eyes lifted to his in query.

“Did you do this for them?” His voice was gruffer than he could have wished, but the idea of it was pissing him off.

They were no longer in his palace, but he still owned her body and soul. She would do well to tell him the truth and it had better be the answer he wanted.

His features darkened further as she delayed in responding.

Jade didn’t like his line of questioning. Nor did she like the possessiveness inherent in the question.

Whatever ridiculous notion she had of somehow working things out between them was just that: ridiculous. He couldn’t be anything other than what he was. A prince. King of all he surveyed. Autocratic.

She got off on it when she was in bed, a slave to his passion, but in any other context, like now, it just served to show her how unlikely a match they were.

Her mouth lifted from his cock and she slid from the bed. She didn’t answer his question as she sauntered out of the room. She threw a quick, “I’m going to eat breakfast. Don’t be here when I return,” over her shoulder before strutting away.

Akim cursed as she disappeared from sight.

He found her in the kitchen moments later. She had filched his shirt from the pile of debris in the living room.

She spared him the shortest of glances before continuing with her preparations.

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