Cousins Reunion Ch. 05

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Parker was in the family room watching TV. The sounds we heard caused us to pause and look at each other. There was something familiar about the female sounds emanating from the room. I couldn’t quite place it because of an accompanying underlying noise.

Kay whispered, “Porn?”

I smiled sheepishly and shrugged my shoulders. “Kinda sounds like it,” I mouthed back.

She walked over to peek in the door. Kay turned and looked at me, red faced, but with a smile on her lips. I peeked into the room over her shoulder. My eyes were immediately drawn to the very large screen of the flat panel TV. It was porn, but homemade porn. Kay was the female on the screen making the sounds we were hearing. Kay looked at me and smiled that impish smile of hers. She pointed at Parker on the couch, his back to us. He was intently watching the action, but now I noticed that his right arm was rhythmically moving. His hand was out of our line of sight. But, we both could tell he was masturbating.

I couldn’t blame him. My eyes were drawn back to the screen and Kay’s nude body in all of its glory. This was making me very uncomfortable, but I could not tear my eyes away. Prurient curiosity kept my eyes riveted. The video was of Kay riding a Sybian machine. The sound of her moans and the sound of the vibrating machine filling the room. It was not a fixed camera position. Someone was actively taping the action.

Screen Kay’s legs were straddling the machine. The lens zoomed slowly in on her pussy, which was humping the dildo attached to the vibrating mechanism. She would slowly move her hips up and down revealing the white cock shaped dildo sliding in and out of her pussy. When she moved down, a vibrating nub at the base came in contact with her swollen clit. She would remain with her clit engaged for several seconds, her moans would build then she would pull away, the large white dick again visibly sliding out of her wet cunt, tightly stretching the tissue of her vaginal opening as it exited her body.

The camera’s perspective changed. Now we viewed Screen Kay from behind. The white dildo was actually a double dildo. It was a double cock with a smaller one penetrating her ass at the same time. Her pelvic motion caused both dildos to slide in and out of her body simultaneously. The white cock penetrating her anus and disappearing into her ass with each slow up and down movement of her body.

My flaccid penis was rapidly filling with blood as I watched. I glanced at Parker on the couch. He was totally focused on the image of the TV, oblivious to his audience. We could not see his cock, but we could tell what he was doing. I looked at Kay. She turned and looked at me, then at my crotch where my dick was tenting my pants. She smiled and reached for my zipper, pulled it down, took my cock in her hand and pulled it free of the confines of my trousers.

I looked at her in near panic. “What the fuck,” I mouthed as I nodded at Parker. She just smiled and continued holding my dick as she shrugged open her fur coat and exposed her naked body, nipples erect and firm. She reached between her legs, put a finger in her pussy then placed it against my lips. I could smell her sex. I parted my lips, licked her finger then sucked it into my mouth savoring her flavor. It would be so embarrassing if Parker became aware of our presence. This was so incredibly dangerous. I couldn’t control myself. I was frozen there in Kay’s control.

“I illegal bahis want you to fuck me right here and right now.” She mouthed back.

I looked at Parker, still intent on the TV images, Screen Kay’s moans and the sounds of the Sybian filling the room. I looked at Kay’s eager face, I looked at her tits, I looked at my now stiff cock in her hand. Reaching up, I took her breast in my hand, relishing the soft weight filling my palm. I tweaked her firm erect nipple between my fingers. My cousin’s eyes closed as a look of enjoyment came to her beautiful face. I pulled her face to mine with my other hand and tasted her, thrusting my tongue between her lips, our tongues dancing and caressing.

She pulled back. “Fuck me,” she said.

Letting go of my cock, she knelt on the floor doggy position and pulled her coat up on her back exposing her naked ass. Against my better judgment, I knelt behind her and without taking my pants down, I maneuvered my erect dick between her legs. She reached back, took my rigid cock and guided it to her slick opening. I pressed against her pussy lips, they parted and my penis slid easily into her hot wet hole. We were both still watching Screen Kay fuck the Sybian machine. The camera’s viewpoint changed as my pelvic motion was sliding my cock out of my cousin’s snug canal. My motion stopped, the swollen glans of my dick surrounded and held by the muscle of Kay’s vaginal opening, poised, I was frozen by what we now were watching.

The camera had switched to a fixed position at the foot of a bed. Screen Kay’s back and ass were to the camera. Her legs straddled a man, a rigid cock in her pussy, her ass cheeks held wide by the man’s hands. His cock fucking her pussy, sliding in and out of her exposed cunt. Screen Kay’s hips were riding up and down, guiding her wet pussy along the thrusting shaft that was impaling her pink open flesh. Large testicles were moving and swinging inside the scrotal sack with each thrust of the large penis.

Kay looked back at me with an embarrassed look.

“Parker?” I mouthed.

“Yes,” she mouthed back. “Sorry.”

I was stunned. It was one thing to watch Kay fuck a machine, but this really made me uncomfortable. Parker on the couch masturbating and now a Screen Parker’s cock fucking my beautiful cousin’s pussy while I had my cock in the same pussy. With those thoughts still in my mind, Kay moved her hips back and impaled herself with my still rigid shaft. God, it felt so good. I could not see Screen Parker’s face. All I could see was a cock slamming in and out of Screen Kay’s pussy. I began pumping my cock in time with the thrusting penis fucking Screen Kay’s dripping cunt. Loud moans were emanating from the sound system. Screen Parker was orgasming. The contractions of his dick were visible on the large screen. Semen was leaking out of Screen Kay’s pussy and down Screen Parker’s scrotal sack across his balls and onto the bed. Screen Kay kept slamming up and down on the cock still inside Screen Kay’s Pussy.

Kay was urgently grinding her ass against my raging hard on. I fucked her pussy with a rapid thrusting motion. I exploded inside her. I could feel my cum spew into her as the contractions of my orgasm ejaculated my seed into her welcoming receptacle. Just as I climaxed, Parker started moaning on the couch and saying “Fuck, oh fuck, ahhhhh…..”

Kay moved, my cock fell out of her pussy. We backed away from the door. She illegal bahis siteleri had a huge smile on her face as she watched me slip my cum and pussy juice coated cock back inside my pants. She closed her fur coat around her nakednes. I followed her to the front door. With an even larger smile on her face, she opened the door and then slammed it as hard as she could.

“Shit,” we heard Parker exclaim. We heard rapid activity in the family room as he scrambled to turn the TV off and get his clothing back together. Kay was walking rapidly to the Family Room with me in tow.

“Parker?” she called out as we walked into the room.

Parker was still adjusting his trousers, some dark wet spots visible around the zipper area. His face was crimson.

“What’re you doing?” Kay asked innocently.

“Just watching some TV,” Parker stammered out.

“Oh, anything good?”

“Nothing special. Where have you guys been?” Parker countered, as he looked first at Kay and then at me. His eyes seemed to flicker to my crotch and back.

“Just getting back from a nice outing, showing Jay the sites. Nice dinner last night. Having a nice time getting caught up on things. You know, cousin stuff.”

“What are you doing in that fur this time of day?”

“Well, we went into Denver for dinner last night, went dancing at that new hotel, The Jet. Remember, we were talking about it recently? Anyway, we drank quite a bit and didn’t think it was safe to drive home last night. The Jet had a room available, so we stayed there last night. We had a leisurely breakfast this morning, checked out and here we are. Safely home.”

“Ah, OK. That was the smart thing to do,” Parker said with a quizzical look on his face. But he didn’t say anymore about it.

“Hi Parker,” I interjected. “Good to see you. I am just going to go get some other more comfortable clothes on.” With that, I walked out of the room. When I got into my bedroom I looked at my crotch and saw the bulge of my penis there. I still was not wearing any underwear and my pants had a wet spot the size of a silver dollar from semen that had oozed out of my penis. “Hmmm,” I said silently to myself, “This is embarrassing.” I was beginning to feel awkward. “Had Parker noticed it?” I wondered to myself. “Fuck it. I don’t give a shit what he thinks.” I said under my breath.

Kay came breezing into the room in a housecoat. “Parker told me what he was doing when we came in. He does that not infrequently since we don’t fuck much anymore,” Kay informed me as she dropped her housecoat on the floor exposing her naked body. “He’s taking a shower. I need one too since you left me such a mess,” she said as she spread her legs and exposed her cum covered pussy.

“Are you nuts?’ I exclaimed. “Parker is here. What are you thinking?”

“I am thinking I love having you here and I am going to take advantage of you anyway I can. Parker is such an ass. We don’t make love anymore. He would rather watch those videos and wank-off rather than fuck me anymore. We just live in the same house and that is about all.”

“No wonder you are so horny all the time, my poor sex starved cousin.” I took her in my arms and held her tight. Her skin felt so good. “Kay, I am worn out. You have been fucking my brains out.”

“I know,” she breathed into my ear. “But you owe me another orgasm. You had one watching the video and I didn’t. I need one desperately. Please?”

“I canlı bahis siteleri bent, took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it. I let my lips trail down her abdomen as I sank to my knees in front of her. I could smell her sex. I could smell my cum between her legs. I extended my tongue and pressed it against her vulva. It slipped between her labia and encountered her cum covered clit. I worked my tongue in and out between her labia, keeping the flat of my tongue applied tightly to her clit. The tip of my tongue would just begin to enter her cunt then pull back.

Standing, I pushed Kay roughly back onto my bed. I forced her legs up and back to expose the messy cunt between her legs. I drove my tongue into her pussy’s hole. I sucked at the mess oozing from her body and licked clean the cum clinging to her pussy lips. I sucked her clit and worked the little pearl with my tongue. I sucked on the swollen nub like it was a little dick. I pulled back to take a breath and saw more semen leak from her cunt and dribble down onto her anus. I bent my head down and licked the white thick goo off her asshole. Kay groaned. She reached down and grabbed the back of my head and held it firmly against her ass.

“Yes, yes, there, that feels so lusciously good to have your tongue touch me there. Oh yes my Jay, don’t stop,” Kay implored me.

I gently licked her anus with the tip of my tongue. Kay squirmed and moaned with pleasure.

“Jay, oh my god Jay, don’t stop. It feels so good. Lick my assole, tickle my asshole with your tongue. Don’t stop. Please Jay, fuck my ass with your tongue. I want your tongue inside me.”

As I licked her anus. I could feel it twitch and contract. I was unsure of myself. Her pussy in my face. My tongue was caressing her anus. I pushed firmly against the crevices of her asshole. It twitched and relaxed. The tip of my tongue entered her ass. Her anus opened, my tongue slid inside my beautiful cousins rectum. The muscle of her anus clamped tightly around my tongue as I reached inside and tasted her garlicky flavor. Her ass pressed firmly against my thrusting tongue. Kay was masturbating her clit as my tongue now eagerly fucked her ass. I could feel her anal contractions build. Her ass was bucking against my face. She was moaning too loudly. Parker was sure to hear. It was too late. She could not control her climax as it burst. Her orgasmic contractions clutched at my fully inserted tongue. Her pussy leaked more fluids down onto my outstretched and inserted tongue.

Her contractions faded. I climbed up onto her chest, put my face to her’s and kissed her. She inserted her tongue into my mouth. She tasted herself. She withdrew her tongue and mine followed into her open mouth. She seized my tongue and sucked it deeply into her mouth. Sucking and tasting herself completely, moaning with pleasure.

“Oh Jay,” she whispered, “I love you so much. You are my dream lover. We can do anything and everything together. No questions asked. We just mesh. I want you. I have you. I don’t want to ever lose you.”

“Kay, where the hell are you?” Parker yelled.

Kay stood up, put her robe on, blew me a kiss and left the room.

Wow. That was unbelievable. I actually licked someone’s anus and stuck my tongue inside their ass. I should be totally grossed out, but I’m not. I want to do it again because it is Kay. I love her and want to please her. I want to taste her and just eat her up.

Even though I had orgasmed three times in one day, my cock was hard. My cock wanted to be inside my dear cousin again. I wanted to possess her, fuck her, abuse her, love her. What was I going to do? What were we going to do? We are cousins. Fucking cousins.

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