Liz’s Sister Aimee Returns

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Liz’s sister Aimee returns from the Middle East for a surprise visit.

We live behind the town’s High School which, like all schools where faculty and students drive and need to park, has a large parking lot. We occasionally have a ‘Life-Flight’ helicopter land there to remove accident victims to area hospitals. Whenever we hear a chopper landing we look to see… curiosity gets to us.

Two weeks ago, Saturday late afternoon, we hear the plaintiff sound of a chopper coming in for a landing, but this time it isn’t a ‘Life-Flight’. Descending from the sky is a camouflaged army copter, slowly landing in the parking lot. It touches down for less than a minute and then lifts off. Liz and I look at each other and say “She’s here”.

Minutes later, walking down the road to our driveway is a ‘camo’ covered figure, about 5′ 6″tall, dark blond hair, back pack weighing her down and dragging an oversized equipment case. Liz’s sister Aimee is here for a visit.

She rarely tells us when she is about to drop in, her schedule is erratic as she travels the world, lately in the Middle East. See, Aimee is a Hydro-Petroleum Geologist, under contract to the federal Government and now working for private contractors as a consultant in discovering water in the desert. Oil, they got, but getting water to support drillers, villagers and towns as they spring up is a nightmare. While Aimee is two years younger than my wife Liz, she looks eighteen and acts just like a spoiled teen. Married twice to two assholes, she busted free from them, went back to College, got her Masters degree in hydro-geology and PhD in Petroleum engineering. She is a millionaire, and after seeing the photographic work I was doing, blessed me with the addition to the garage that is now my photographic studio.

Aimee looks nothing like my wife. Liz is 5′ 8″ with a fuller chest and wider hips… comes from pushing a child into the world. Aimee never had kids but has adopted Marc and his friends as hers… spoiling them all rotten. We got her in and she hugged Liz as she dropped her backpack, shed her camo uniform and quickly stripped down to … naked.

“Shit it feels great to be home. No clothes, no gawking guys, I need a drink, NOW.”

We burst out laughing as she turned to give me a hug, and a long squeeze of the cock, which grew in her hand. She backed up, looked at Liz and I and said

“You two look great, and my sister looks beautiful. I love how your breasts have filled out and your pussy is shaved. Can’t wait to get a taste of it.”

My turn.

“Looks like you have filled out nicely as well, nice small tits, also a shaved pussy and beautiful face. Welcome home.”

Aimee is a ‘C’ cup breast with a nice full ass, and a cunt that, while tight from lack of cock, is a pleasure to push into.

We retired to the living room, the girls cuddling on the couch and talking a blue streak. I poured a beer and a shot of Jack for Aimee and opened a bottle of wine for Liz and I. We drank and drank most of the afternoon, ordered take out Chinese for dinner, continued drinking and talking and catching up on Aimee’s exploits in the Middle East. Somewhere around midnight I was ready to pass out and dragged my very drunk wife off to bed with me. Aimee, still on Middle East time wandered down to the basement to watch some TV, accompanied by the remainder of the bottle of Jack. Alcohol is not permitted in that part of the world and it had been months since she had been drinking, so her resistance was very low, and the behavior of women in this part of the world is very different, even for the professional American saving the asses of the locals.

Somewhere around two AM, Marc and his buddies Pat and Robbie came home, as usual drunk and making a ruckus. I intercepted them, naked as usual, and sent Marc off to his bedroom and the two boys, too drunk to drive, into the basement to sleep it off. I had assumed Aimee was in the spare bedroom asleep as the door was closed.

Aimee had finished the Jack and staggered to her room, changed into a tee shirt and a thong. Forgetting her glasses in the basement, she returned to retrieve them, and passed out on the couch from exhaustion and booze.

Pat and Robbie, drunk as they were, were not so far gone as to not recognize the semi naked woman on the couch. They turned off the overhead lights and, by the light of the TV, began to give ‘close examination’ to Aimee’s body. My security system kicked on as the lights changed and the motion detector triggered the video cameras. My bedroom TV clicked on and I was watching the adventures. The thong had pulled up into her crack, and as she lay on her side, the outline of her pucker was visible and the thong had been pulled up into her crack, spreading her pussy lips. Pat, still the virgin to a woman, was instantly hard. Robbie, having had fun with his sister Stephanie, knew what to do. He gently shook Aimee by the shoulder. bostancı escort bayan No response. He tried again. No response. He went for broke and lifted her shoulders, turning her to lay flat on the couch. No response. He looked at Pat, who was messaging his cock through his pants, and reached down and felt Aimee’s breasts. No response. He then got brazen, lifting the tee shirt up and exposing her chest. Two beautiful tits, pink areoles and hard nipples greeted his eyes.

“Shit look at those puppies. Pat, pull down her thong and let’s get a good look.”

Pat sat on the side of the couch, below Aimee’s knees and extended his hands to the side of her hips. Looping the thong on his fingers, he slowly slid the thong off, exposing Aimee’s pussy. Robbie dropped to his knees and lowered a finger into Aimee’s crack, pulling it out wet. Pat moved to Aimee’s tits and squeezed her nipples and then got brave and lowered his mouth to one sucking it hard.

Must have been too much for Aimee, as she stirred in her drunken state. Both boys jumped up and stood by the couch. Aimee opened an eye and saw the two boys looking down at her. Then she noticed her naked state.

“Enjoying the view, boys?” she asked. “STRIP, NOW, BOTH OF YOU!” She yelled. Love that military training.

Both boys nearly emptied their bladders at her bark. She began to sit up, discarding the tee shirt and fully removing her thong from her legs. She stood in front of the two boys and, fully naked, spread her legs, giving them a good look at her now very wet pussy. They quickly stripped themselves of cloths and displayed their fully erect members to Aimee’s eyes. They eyed her body, up and down… long slim, almost a ‘six pack’ of muscle below her pink capped breasts, shaved clean pussy and crotch, which was showing her moisture. She reached for Pat’s cock and knelt in front of him, taking him fully into her mouth. She sucked and stroked, and he lasted for less than a minute, emptying his load into her hungry mouth. She gulped it all and then releasing him, sought out Robbie’s rod. Bugger than Pat’s but still not over powering her mouth, again, she sucked and stroked, meaning to get the initial load out of them. Like Pat, Robbie lasted maybe a minute before releasing his boy seed into Aimee’s mouth.

She stood up and taking Pat’s hand, said “It will be my pleasure to deflower you and be your first girl.”

I thought Pat was going to pass out as Aimee pushed him into a seating position on the couch, knelt in front of him, sucked him hard and proceeded to sit in his lap, facing him. His panicked look was quickly gone as his cock was engulfed by Aimee’s pussy. She slowly rose and fell on his cock, raising his hands to her breasts and showing him how to pinch her nipples and finger her clit. He was in heaven, his eyes closed, concentration written all over his face… until his pressure to cum reached its plateau and he came again, you could see his body respond to the contractions and his orgasm took over. Finished, Aimee took his head in her hands and deep throated him, exploring his mouth for all she was worth. Stepping off, she reached for Robbie. She moved him to the carpet, sat on his hips and jacked him hard. Moving up his body, she lifted her hips and, like Pat, engulfed his cock. She leaned forward and met his mouth, tonging him as her hips raised and lowered on his cock. His hands went to her tits and he started pulling and pinching her nipples. She sat up and buried his cock as deep into her pussy as possible. When he was all the way in, she wiggled her hips and I could her ‘kegeling’ her hip and vaginal muscles. Robbie let out a gurgling grunt, raised his chest and dumped his second load deep into her cunt.

Finished with the boys, Aimee stood up over Robbie, commanded they both stand in front of her and took a hand from each boy extending it to her pussy.

She dragged each hand around and into her dripping moisture, saying,

“Here is something to remember me and your night of fucking. Don’t wash that hand.”

She headed for the stairs, wiping the oozing cum and her own lubricant from her inner thighs. When she got to the second floor, she saw the light on in my bedroom and walked in. I had turned off the TV and was reading. She stood by my wife, her sister’s, side of the bed and smiled at me. My erection gave my joy of seeing her away.

“May I join you?” she drunkenly asked, as I reached for the covers and opened the bed for her. Liz sat up and watched as she climbed into my side of the bed and I threw the covers over her. She crawled over to me and snuggled into my side, burying her face into my shoulder, crying.

She looked up at me and said “I am so lucky to have you for a brother-in-law. You and my sister and Marc are the only family I have and I miss you all soooooo much. Thank you for keeping a place for me in your home.”

“It’s not ümraniye escort just my home, it’s yours as well. Never forget you can always come here anytime, for any reason.”

She lowered her head and sobbed quietly into my side. She wiggled into my side and I could feel her soft breast as it pressed into me. Her hand reached across my chest and began to massage my left nipple, working its way down to my stomach and to my shaved crotch. My cock hardened as her hand approached.

She looked up and me and softly asked “May I?”

“You know that what belongs to your sister also belongs to you. Be her guest.”

She held my cock and slowly began to examine its size, and the veins on the surface, my scrotum and testicles. She squeezed the plum shaped head and with two fingers opened my pee home, running a finger nail through the opening. Her head disappeared under the covers and she twisted her body around and climbed on top of me, spreading a leg on either side of my chest. In the dim light of my side reading lamp, I could make out the moisture from the boys still leaking from her pussy onto my chest. Her labia, hidden within a slight ‘gash’ between her legs, were enticing and exciting to see. Unlike her sister, whose labia are exposed and show themselves as two butterfly wings either side of her opening, Aimee’s cunt is pleasantly hidden in a ‘gash’, between two lips which open as an intruder approaches.

Aimee was blowing on my cock, licking my pee hole, softly sucking on my cocks head. Her hand was planted at the base and she was slowly squeezing my cock at the base. Her other hand was discovering my perineum, scrotum and balls. Not wishing to concentrate on my junk, fearing I would cum all too soon, I began playing with her pussy, admiring how she opened up to my ministrations. I used two hands to pull the lips apart, seeing the remaining cum from the boys and inserting my index and middle finger into her. She sucked in a deep breath as I found her ‘G’ spot and delighted in pleasuring her. Her clit was curious as to what was happening, again, and extended itself from its protective hood. I softly stroked it and squeezed it, causing her to shudder noticeably. As I continued pleasuring her, her mouth engulfed my cock, swallowing it to the base. Her tongue worked from one side of my cock to the other, sucking it like a stick of candy. After watching the antics of the boys with Aimee, my prostate was full and in need of emptying. It was not going to be long before I squeezed her legs, announcing I was cumming. She brought her hands under my hips and forced my cock deep into her throat. I began to unload and had the most wonderful sensation of her throat muscles working the head of my cock, swallowing every squirt. When my spasms subsided, she relaxed her grip, and licked my cock as it slid from her mouth. I redoubled my efforts on her clit until I heard her cry out and her body tremble in orgasm. She felt like a woman having an epileptic seizure. Lasting a long time, I slowly stopped servicing her clit and she collapsed on top of me.

I let her rest several minutes. She crawled off and turned herself around, again crawling up my body, now face to face. She kissed me and buried her tongue in my mouth. Her passion for affection and loving contact was overpowering her. She used her hands to discover my body, feeling my face, my sides, my hips.

“Aimee, it’s me, remember? We’ve made love many times before. Why this overwhelming passion for bodily contact?”

She stopped her movement, brought her hands up to my side and lifter her torso off me. Looking down she asked “Is there a problem? I thought you would like the attention.”

“I love the attention, but it is just so intense on your part. I have never experienced such intense loving passion from you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Your sister and I worry something awful about you, alone, out there half a world away and we miss you. When you come home to us, we are here to ‘catch you’ as you fall into the security of our love and affection. We just worry about your decompressing, about what you go through out there and bring home. We love you. If I had not been seduced by Liz, I would have chased you around the world to love you and protect you and just be with you. But fate didn’t work that way. You are always welcome in this house, this home, this bed with or without your sister or me present. I know she is anxious to have a loving session with you, girl to girl. She loves you so much and misses you to tears.”

She had tears in her eyes, now leaking down her cheeks and onto my chest and face. I grabbed her and kissed her deeply, rolling her onto her back and burying my cock deep into her warm, wet waiting tunnel. She wrapped her arms around me; her legs were next, capturing my hips so that I could not escape her pussy if I wanted to. We rocked back and forth in and out until I found a pleasurable escort kartal rhythm, pressing on her clit as I pushed into her cunt. We continued for what seemed like half an hour, Aimee going into and out of small orgasms, each one increasing the ‘squeeze’ on my cock. I was overwhelmed in pleasuring her with the same intensity I have with her sister. When I came, my flow was enormous and her eyes opened and starred up at me as I filled her pussy with my seeds. She smiled up at me, again with tears in her eyes leaking down the sides of her face.

“I wish I could have had your children and we could have been a family.” I kissed her again and said

“We are a family, never forget it. I will make love to you, filling you with my seeds anytime you need me, want me.”

She relaxed under me, my cock slipped out of her and she gave into sleep. I rolled off her. My wife, Liz was awake, watching and smiling at me, as I held her sisters soft, wet, young body close to me as I, too, drifted off to sleep.

Morning arrived all too soon. I had left the bedroom door ajar, and it was discovered by the boys from the basement, looking for someone awake. Aimee, Liz and I were entangled in the sheets as the door was pushed open. I hustled out of the bed, covering the girls as I left. Pushed the boys, now clad in boxers, with small tents showing, out into the hallway and instructed them to go down to the kitchen, get out the waffle maker, box of waffle mix, two pounds of bacon and a dozen eggs. Set the table for six, yes six, and I will be down soon to cook.

I returned to the bedroom, closing the door securely and sat next to a somewhat groggy Aimee as she returned to the living. Somewhat hung over, she was conscious enough to remember most of the previous evening. I helped her into the bathroom and sat her down on the shower stall seat. Warm water flowing, I closed the shower door as I helped her to her feet and under the stream of water. Slowly I watched her return to this world and she smiled up at me.

“I got to pee” she said as she leaned into me.

“Go ahead and let it go, the water will wash it away.”

Curious, I extended my hand to her pussy and waited for the stream of warm piss to emerge. She relaxed her sphincter muscles and let the flow begin. She realized what I was doing and smiled up at me saying

“Am I doing it right? Do you need to get a closer look?”

“No.” I laughed at her as I knew she was being sarcastic.

Liz joined us and she, too, had to demonstrate how to pee in the shower and allowed me to also ‘play’ in her stream.

When her stream was finished, I lathered up a cloth with body wash and scrubbed them both top to toes. Aimee relaxed as I messaged her breasts, watching her nipples harden, moving all the way down to her pussy. I knelt in front of her, pressing her unstable body to the wall, and attempted to thoroughly clean her outer lips and vaginal area of all the cum and other fluids which had collected there from the nights adventures. She moaned and pushed into my hand as my fingers probed into her, flushing semen and female lubricant from her tunnel. She shuddered as a small orgasm rolled over her. Liz’s hand joined mine as she ministered to her sisters vaginal needs with me.

She looked down at me and said,

“You take such good care of me. I don’t know how I would have survived 23 hours of insane travel, way too much alcohol after nearly 18 months of barely touching the stuff, let alone two overly naive and energetic boys. Then your loving attention last night…”

She was crying again.

“OK, can I leave you two to finish in here? Do I have to dry you both as well?”

“I’m fine, or at least getting there.”

I opened the shower door to let myself out and watched her finish washing.

I dried myself and headed downstairs to start cooking. Waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon… for six. The boys were ready for food, Aimee and Liz made it to the kitchen. We all sat down to eat and were stopped by the sound of an elephant descending the stairs.

Marc appeared, saying “I smell food!” We just stared at him, naked, hung over, looking like a walking zombie.

Now picture this; six people; Liz, Aimee, Me, Marc, all naked and a pair of neophytes, the boys Pat and Robbie, still in boxers, tenting. We all stopped and just looked at them and their boxers.

“OK, we get it.” Robbie was first, quickly followed by Pat… boxers off, semi hard cocks getting harder… we continued with breakfast.

With all the food consumed, I shooed the boys to Marc’s room with instructions to dress and get out. I wanted a quiet house. I had clients for a photo shoot showing up in two hours, Liz was exhausted and Aimee was still on jet lag time. The girls headed for the master bedroom, followed by me, who made sure the room was dark and ready for sleep. I hugged them both, getting a cock squeeze from my wife and a tongue lashing and an ass grab from Aimee. I closed the door and stood, enjoying the silence.

Liz and Aimee crawled into bed, and immediately snuggled in together, talking, sharing events they have missed in their lives since they were last together.

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