The Babysitter , The Waterbed

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INTRODUCTION the lounge, family room and kitchen in the center and Brad and Tanya’s bedroom and bathroom to the right side.

After feeding Brad and Tanya’s two Siamese cats, Sabrina got herself a glass of juice and went into the family room. She picked up the novel she was currently reading, and sat down on the couch, leaning back and relaxing. She slid off her shoes, wriggling her toes, the straps of her stirrup pants comfortable around the arches of Sabrina’s bare feet.

After reading a chapter, Sabrina slipped the book-mark into the place where she had finished, reached for the remote control and turned on the television, watching a couple of sitcoms and then a teen drama series she and her friends at school enjoyed.

When the show came to an end, it was dark outside, and Sabrina got up to get another drink, when she heard what sounded like somebody — or something — tapping lightly on the living room windows. Sabrina paused and glanced outside. Nothing was out there, just the shadows of the trees in the moonlight. Convinced that this was her imagination, Sabrina turned on her bare feet towards the kitchen and then the sound came again.

Sabrina frowned and walked over to the window, looking more thoroughly. Again, nothing. Nerves fluttered in the teenager’s stomach as she thought back to a documentary about paranormal mysteries she watched with her boyfriend Scott several weeks ago. One of the segments had been about the disappearance of a teenage girl while babysitting in 1959. The couple returned late in the evening to find nothing apparently amiss — their kids were safely asleep in their beds, the dog and cat were relaxed and calm, and the house was neat and tidy with not a thing out of place. Except that their babysitter was gone, a half-drunk glass of milk and a plate with a half-eaten cookie and another untouched on the table in front of the television set, which remained on. The teenager’s purse was on the floor next to the chair.

The chilling narration to end the segment was that from that day onwards, the babysitter was neither seen nor heard of again, and not a single clue had been found to explain her disappearance. Trying to put the TV show out of her mind and convince herself it was all her imagination, Sabrina turned to go back to the kitchen, when the tapping came again.

Sabrina walked back over to the window and again looked outside. “Is somebody there?” she asked nervously. No response. Again, Sabrina thought it must be her over-active imagination, but as she was about to turn away, a figure jumped into sight with an almighty roar.

Sabrina screamed and felt the adrenaline rush through her body, her eyes wide and her skin turning white, her terror lasting mere seconds as she took in the sight of her boyfriend, 18-year-old Scott Williams, his face contorted with laughter at the success of his practical joke.

Sabrina took deep breaths and attempted to relax her rigid body. She opened the window. “Shit Scott, what the hell?” she asked.

“I wanted to surprise you,” said Scott. “What’s the matter, don’t you like surprises?”

“Not surprises like that,” said Sabrina, still trying to recover her breath. “I nearly wet myself. You’ll get yourself arrested, lurking around in the dark like that. Come around to the front door, and I’ll let you inside.”

Scott walked around to the front door and Sabrina let him inside the house. “I got us a pizza for two,” he said, holding up a cardboard box. “Plenty of anchovies, and double-shrimp.”

“Well, if you want to spend the evening holding my hair back from my face as I throw up you’ll get your wish,” said Sabrina.

“Relax baby, I was just kidding around again,” said Scott. “I know you’re allergic to seafood.” He held out the pizza.

“Thank you,” pendik escort said Sabrina. She took the pizza and placed the box on the table. “I need to check on the kids. You’ve probably woken them up.”

“Me?” Scott feigned innocence. “You were the one who screamed.”

“I screamed because my boyfriend for some reason or another likes to go around getting himself off scaring me by looking in windows at night,” she countered. “I’ll be right back.”

To her relief, the kids were all still sleeping when Sabrina checked, and she returned to the living room, frowning when Scott was not in sight. She then heard his voice in the kitchen. “Hello, is this Melbourne, Australia?”

Her heart skipped a beat, and Sabrina ran into the kitchen, to find Scott with the telephone receiver to his ear.

“Scott, no!” she said, horrified at the thought of what would happen when Brad and Tanya received their telephone bill with the overseas call listed.

Scott laughed and put the receiver down. “You are so easy to fool, it’s not worth the effort. That’s three to Scott, zero to Sabrina this evening.” Sabrina glowered at him, and Scott flashed her a charming smile. “Come on baby, how long can you stay mad at me?”

Sabrina looked at her boyfriend’s handsome face, with blue eyes and blonde hair combed back from his forehead, and her face softened. A smile came over her pretty face when she took in his tall, fine muscular physique, which looked great in his white tee-shirt, blue jeans and white running shoes, and she walked over to him. They embraced, and kissed on the lips. Scott was absolutely right; Sabrina could never stay angry at him for long.

In life, some people spend their whole lives searching in vain for their soul-mates, while others meet the right person for them very young. Sabrina and Scott were such a couple, with Scott, Sabrina and Chris knowing each other since childhood, Chris and Scott playing football together through school. Now all aged eighteen, Scott and Sabrina had been going steady for several years, and both knew that this was meant to be.

Scott and Sabrina had enough common interests to ensure they were compatible, while enough differences to make their relationship interesting. Both were sports-minded, with Scott starring on the football team, and Sabrina running track. Both enjoyed the outdoors, and would often go hiking or for long walks along the beach in their spare time, not that there was an excess of this with having so much study in their senior year, and working part time. In addition to babysitting Sabrina would assist her aunt with her catering business, at weddings, corporate events and the like.

Scott worked at the local gymnasium, and that very morning, had encountered one of the benefits of this, when Sabrina and two of her friends came in to take an aerobics class. Scott had very much enjoyed stealing glances into the aerobics room, as Sabrina, her blonde hair tied back in a pony-tail and wearing a white head-band, ran, jumped, stepped and bent to the instructor’s directions, dressed in a tight blue leotard, which accentuated her C-cup breasts and her bottom, showing off every one of the curves of her slim, young body. At one stage, Scott had had to sit down to avoid embarrassment when the excitement spread to his groin.

The main difference in Scott and Sabrina lay in their personalities. Scott was laid-back and easy-going, and loved practical jokes. Sabrina tended to be more conservative, more uptight, and definitely a ‘do-it-by-the-book’ girl. Scott employed a relaxed attitude to study although he was never in danger of failing in any subject, while Sabrina studied religiously. They also liked different types of movies, Scott loving action, science fiction and comedy, while Sabrina enjoyed historical, maltepe escort romantic and musical films. Both Sabrina and Scott loved animals, but Sabrina was a cat person, and Scott a dog person.

They had recognized this when attending a costume party several weeks ago, with Scott dressing up in a dog costume, and Sabrina a cat costume, tight and black with a long tail and a head-band with pointy black ears. She had painted her nose black, and drawn some whiskers on her face. Their friends had commented on how the costumes were perfect for them; a couple that were so different in so many ways, yet meant to be together.

Sabrina and Scott went over to the couch, and opened up the pizza. “Scott, be careful!” said Sabrina, seeing that some cheese was about to drip off the end of Scott’s slice and onto Brad and Tanya’s couch.

Scott laughed. “Don’t worry, I never let any pizza go to waste.” He put this section into his mouth, and ate it. “You thought I was going to let it spill on the yuppies’ couch and stain, didn’t you?”

Sabrina carefully held her hand under her slice to prevent crumbs. “Yes. And Brad and Tanya aren’t yuppies.” She felt the need to stand up for her favorite clients.

“They aren’t yuppies?” asked Scott. “Let’s work it out together. Are they young? Yes. Are they urban? Well, we aren’t in the country, so yes. Are they professional? Brad’s an architect, and you said Tanya is a journalist, so yes on the third count, and that makes them yuppies. That makes Scott right, and Sabrina wrong.”

“Shut up,” said Sabrina, slapping Scott good-naturedly.

“You shut up,” laughed Scott, returning the playful gesture. He looked around the living room, admiring the expensive furniture, fittings and artworks. “This is some house. And Jesus, Tanya’s a hottie.” He pointed at a family photograph on a wall nearby. “Why haven’t you invited me here before when you were babysitting?”

“I didn’t invite you this time,” Sabrina pointed out, trying to sound as stern as possible. “You know you’re not supposed to come and visit me when I’m babysitting. What happened to the laser-tag?”

“A birthday party for kids, my brother, some rappers and your brother and his girlfriend happened,” said Scott. He looked at the table and saw the piece of paper where Brad had written down his cell phone number. “This is a strange telephone number,” he commented.

“Scott, you have the attention span of a sheep,” said Sabrina, shaking her head. She was curious to know what had happened, but decided to address the telephone number first, as this was what her boyfriend was most interested in at the present. “This is Brad’s cell phone number. He gave it to me in case of emergencies.”

“Those cell phones are so ridiculous,” said Scott. “They’re so heavy, it’s like carrying a brick around.”

“I can’t see why anyone would ever want one,” said Sabrina. “You’ve got your phone at home, an answering machine to take messages and if you need to make a call when you’re out, there’s always a pay phone close handy.”

“People using them look so stupid,” said Scott. “Imagine if everybody had one, it would be silly. You wouldn’t catch me with one, that’s for sure.”

Sabrina laughed and tried to imagine what it would be like in the city, or even in the town where they lived, walking around with phones pressed to their ears. It was difficult to conjure a mental picture given how ridiculous it seemed. “So, what happened at laser-tag?” she asked.

“We went in, and there were all these junior high kids at a party,” said Scott. “One of them must have had too much to eat, and he threw up everywhere inside the course. Then my brother had to be the one to slip up in it …”

“Justin slipped up in a pool of vomit?” asked Sabrina. Her kartal escort eyes went wide in amazement.

“Yeah, it could only be my younger brother,” sighed Scott. “Justin’s got nobody to blame but himself. It’s karma. He got that stupid haircut — you know where it looks like somebody put a bowl on his head and cut around it — and he thinks it looks cool. Hopefully, walking around covered in sick might help him realize that he looks like a dork.”

“I’ve seen quite a few kids with those haircuts,” said Sabrina. “They do look stupid.”

“Try explaining that to Justin,” said Scott.

“So what happened next?” asked Sabrina.

“They had to close the laser-tag course and clean it up, so we went to the games arcade next door. These rappers set up outside with their huge radio and their music just got stuck in my head. Then your brother’s girlfriend showed up, acted all clingy and insisted he go with her.”

Sabrina rolled her eyes at the mention of Chris’s girlfriend Tamara. If Scott and Sabrina were an example of a young couple who were meant for each other despite their differences, Chris and Tamara were an example of a couple who were not meant to be together, but for whatever reason, were. The insecure Tamara scarcely left Chris alone, fretting about him getting hurt at sports, insisting that he do activities and wear clothes she liked, saying that he did not love her when he tried to protest. As for jealousy, if Chris had made a similar comment to the one Scott had made about Tanya earlier, it would have sent Tamara into a jealous spin lasting days. Chris, however, was blinded by love, seeing Tamara only through a rose-colored haze. There was nothing his sister nor his friend could do to dissuade him, both could only hope that he would see sense for himself.

“After that, the night sort of fizzed and I thought, ‘Why am I here, when I could be with the greatest girl in the world?'” Scott smiled his charming smile, and Sabrina could not help but smile back.

“Okay, you can stay, but please no more surprise babysitting visits,” said Sabrina.

“So, are you going to give me the grand tour?” asked Scott.

“No,” said Sabrina. “It’s not my house. You can’t just go looking around.”

“Come on, where’s your sense of adventure. Where’s their office? The first thing we can do is check out their bank balance.”

“Scott, no,” pleaded Sabrina, her boyfriend getting to his feet and looking around with a mischievous look on his face.

Scott laughed. “You don’t want to check out their finances? Would you prefer to open a bottle of their expensive wine instead?”

He made a dash for the kitchen, Sabrina jumping up and running after him as fast as her bare feet would carry her.

Scott stood grinning, and pointed to the right side of the house where Brad and Tanya’s bedroom was located. “What’s through there?”

“Nothing,” said Sabrina. “Come on, let’s go back to the couch.”

“So, there’s a big house with absolutely nothing — some magical vortex that contains no matter at all — to one side? This I have to see.” Scott dashed through the archway, Sabrina following at speed.

“Scott, come back,” she pleaded, before her boyfriend stopped dead, looking through the open door into Brad and Tanya’s bedroom in awe.

“Wow, will you look at the size of that bed?” asked Scott, looking at the massive king-size bed that dominated the bedroom.

“Yes, it’s a big bed, but we need to be on the couch,” said Sabrina. “We shouldn’t be in here.”

“We aren’t in their bedroom,” Scott pointed out, indicating that his and Sabrina’s feet were still outside the bedroom. He then jumped forward into the room. “But I am now.”

Sabrina reluctantly followed him in, Scott going over to the bed and pressing his hand down on the pristine white quilt, his face taking on an expression of delight. “This is a waterbed. I’ve always wanted to sleep on a waterbed.”

“You’re not going to now,” Sabrina assured him.

“Come on, just feel how soft it is,” said Scott.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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