The Bargain

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I walked across the threshold of the old bar and all the familiar sensations hit me. The smell of beer and wood mixed with the non stop blare of high volume rock and roll. It had been years since I had last set foot in the place but it looked like nothing had changed. I even saw a few of the same people. Just proves that you can go home again. At least to your university watering hole.

Although primarily a college bar the student crowd didn’t usually show up until well after dark. On Friday afternoons the beer garden and deck area attracted a large crowd of young professionals, professors, attorneys, government types and local intelligencia on their way home from work. I spotted the crowd I had come to meet out on the deck. They were mostly friends from work, wives, husbands and hangers on. We laughed and talked shop while listening to the music.

I had a few pints of beer and was feeling pretty good when I looked up and spotted an old friend. Or an old lover to be more exact. She was with a group at a table not far away. Her hair was longer than I recalled but I remembered her face very well. Watching her laugh and joke around I noted that she had kept her body in good shape. Her tight jean shorts showed off her ass and legs nicely. I noted all the guys checking her out every time she bent over the table to hear the conversation.

She and I had known each other from High School but hadn’t really paid any attention to one another until college. We ended up in some of the same classes and going out with friends on the weekends. She was a regular knock out and, as was my way at the time, I immediately put the moves on her. Before long we were in the sack together every chance we got.

As I recall we had little in common and never really had a conversation. We both were just soothing our raging hormones. And the sex was very good. I mean really good. The kind of sex you never forget.

One night we were heatedly fucking on the bed in her dorm room. She had both her legs pulled back and was holding them up by her ankles. My cock was hammering in and out of her sweet wet pussy and her tits were jiggling around to the rhythm of our hard slapping naked bodies. She gasped “Oh god never stop fucking me! Never take away your cock! I need this cock in me forever!”

“You got it baby” I replied breathless “anyplace, anytime, anything you want!”

“Oh oh oh!” She answered “promise me you’ll fuck me whenever I want! Give me this cock whenever I say!”

“Only if you’ll give me this hot pussy whenever I want” I said watching myself plow in and out of her dripping cunt lips”

“Oh yes!” She shrieked “you can have it anytime baby! Ten years from now I’ll still spread my legs for you!”

With that we both went over the top and started shooting cum juice. At the change of the semester our class schedules sent us to opposite sides of campus and gradually we lost touch.

Now. Ten years later I stood staring at her ass from across the bar. I wondered if the offer was still good. She seemed to be with one of the guys sitting at her table so I didn’t want to interrupt. I couldn’t resist a hello though. The next time she went to the bar I arranged myself so I was standing nearby.

She leaned on the bar pressing her breasts against the thickly shellacked surface. The effect was that her boobs were pushed up exposing her ample cleavage. A guy could stand there all day with a fifty dollar bill in his hand and not get noticed. Her innocent looking little trick got her two beers in a matter of seconds.

“Hi” I said as she turned.

Her face was blank for a moment then lit up. “Its you!” She shrieked “how have you been?!”

“Good” I replied. “You?”

“Fine! Fine!” she said waving the frosty beers “Come over to the table and meet my friends.”

They were a friendly group of locals. The guy she had been buzzing around earlier pendik escort turned out to be her boyfriend of several years. He didn’t seem jealous or threatened by me talking with his girl though so after a few niceties he went back to his conversation with the others. She and I started catching up.

We talked for a while but I soon remembered why our old relationship was primarily physical. There was an electricity between us that was being kept at arms length. My heart was beating fast and I was in a panic because I couldn’t think of anything else to say. So I said we should stay in touch and went to give her my card. When I opened my wallet I realized that I had left all my cards in the car.

“Run out to my car with me and we can trade numbers” I suggested.

“We’d better hurry it looks like its going to rain” she said.

Looking up I noticed a bank of dark clouds moving over the sun. We walked out into the grass parking lot and by the time we got to my car large drops of water were falling from the sky. I let her into the passenger side and I jumped in behind the wheel. I quickly found my cards and got her number but by then we were in the middle of one of Florida’s famous afternoon downpours.

“Looks like were stuck for a while” I commented. The windows were already fogging up. I looked over and her large green eyes seemed to be pleading with me. Without another word I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She moaned as if relieved and kissed me back. Our tongues quickly exploring each other’s mouths.

I slid my arm around her waist and worked my way up, pushing under her blouse until I reached her breasts. Quickly unsnapping the latch I set them free and began gently massaging her soft mounds. She wasn’t wasting any time either rapidly pulling my t-shirt out of my jeans and up my hard torso. I threw the shirt into the back seat as she unbuttoned hers and wriggled out of her bra.

Topless we fell back into a deep kiss. Pressing our naked flesh together. Feeling each other for the first time in ten years. I slipped my face down and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth.

“Mmmm” she moaned as I licked and massaged her sensitive globes. With my free hand I glided down to her thigh and teased her skin back up to the crotch of her jean shorts. I could feel the heat burning through the denim between her legs as I stroked back and forth along the seam. She pressed herself luridly against my fingers.

“Just a sec” she interrupted leaning back. Then she quickly lifted her ass, unbuttoned the shorts and pushed them down to her knees. I pulled them all the way off her feet and looked up at the light blue panties tightly hugging her sex. She rolled those down her legs as well leaving me with a great view of her aroused pussy.

I kissed her again and slid my hand back down to her dripping channel. My fingers went to work on her sopping pussy and clit. She squirmed and moaned as I toyed with her buttons. I moved my fingers into her deeply and probed around, testing every nook and cranny. She started to rock slowly back and forth against my hand while she reached over and rubbed my hard cock through my jeans.

Our bodies pressed closely together in the front seat as the temperature in the car rose. Our tongues danced while our hands writhed masturbating each other like two kids on a hot date. I speeded up my efforts and could tell she was quickly rising toward an orgasmic plateau.

“That’s it” she sputtered “right there, yea right there!”

“Oh, oh, oh” she cried before her legs came up and wrapped my arm into a vice like grip. Locking and immobilizing my fingers up her trembling snatch. She shuddered as she came in several waves.

I looked down at her as she slowly relaxed. Sweat ran down her body and beaded around her nipples and belly button. The car was getting hotter in the steamy summer maltepe escort rain. The narrow row of pubic hair running down along her pussy was slick with her sweat and juices. Her legs parted and I withdrew from her hot channel as she breathed deeply.

“Mmm” she said pushing me back into the driver’s seat. “Now you.” She leaned over and began licking the sweat from my nipples. Reaching down she squeezed my hard cock again through my jeans. “Take those off” she ordered.

I complied quickly undoing my belt, unbuttoning my fly and pushing them down to my knees. I wasn’t wearing underwear so my cock jumped out as it was freed. She reached down and pulled the strings on my boots so I could kick them off. “I don’t want anything between us” she said with a smile as she pulled my jeans over my feet. With a brief tug freed I was as naked as she was.

She started to suck on my lips, then my neck. Her warm tongue was hot as she licked her way down my body until she was staring at my fully charged hose. I had expanded to my full eight inches and it felt like it was trying grow a few more. Her warm hand wrapped around the base as she leaned in and wrapped her lips around the swelled mushroom like head. Her mouth was warm as she sucked and swirled her tongue around it. I gasped as she bobbed up and down, taking in more every time, lubricating my shaft with her saliva and the pre-cum that was oozing from my tip.

Kneeling in the passenger seat with her ass high in the air She pulled my dick from her mouth and licked it up and down. She dragged her tongue across one side of my long shaft and down the other. There was an obvious method to her madness as she lifted my cock up and aggressively sucked on my huge sack. She gave me a slow hard lick from the base of my balls, all the way up my shaft, and to my swollen purple cock head. She then locked on to my missile and went to work.

She developed a quick tight rhythm of bobbing up and down four to five times and then licking all around my cock head and shaft, then return to bob for more. She sucked my cock with a sense of urgency as I moaned in delight.

After licking around my dripping cock head she looked up and gave me a sultry little smile. She then took my cock into her mouth and slowly gobbled up my entire eight inches. Her nose was buried into my pube’s as she continued to deep throat me. I wasn’t able to hold on for very long and I soon melt my nads starting to pump. “I’m cumming” I groaned “Oh yes yes!” She sank her mouth down over my spewing member and took my spunk right down her throat. I jerked and thrust through an orgasm before turning my attentions on her.

I spun her around until her back was against the passenger door and immediately went down on her. She squealed as I started to lick her gash. I sucked on her pussy lips and licked her inner walls as she was working her pussy back and fourth and moaning for more. I licked around her quivering clit and teased it as she really started to respond. She was breathing heavy and whispering “yes” as I continued to outline her clit with my tongue. She squirmed around against my face. She tried to push her clit into my mouth but I stayed just a little out of it’s way as I continued my oral attack.

She was very good at sucking cock and I intended to return the oral favor. She was really getting vocal as I finally relented. When my warm tongue finally hit her spot she let out a primal scream of approval. She mashed her pussy into my face as I sucked the life out of her yearning clit. She started riding my face wildly as I hungrily ate her out. She would buck her hips and moan as her hot pussy dragged across my tongue.

She wailed as a tremendous orgasm let loose inside of her. I relentlessly licked her cunt as she roared for more. Her penned up passion juice started to flow as I lapped up all I could. She was breathing kartal escort as if she just ran a marathon as her body tingled in ecstasy. She started yelping, “oh god…oh god…oh my fucking god…yes…” She quivered as I continued to lick her slit.

We rested for a moment watching the hard spray of the rain bead against the foggy windows. The summer downpour rattled over the car in waves as it was blown around in the wind. The car was like a sauna that we had steamed up with our sex. Finally she teasingly smiled and lifted herself up by holding the dashboard. She was ready to be fucked.

“Get over here” she squealed “you know what I want!”

My cock was back to full strength as I slid underneath her in the passenger seat and reached down to hold it straight up in the air. She hovered over me as I rubbed my fat cock head against her extremely wet snatch.

She slowly lowered herself onto me. We both moaned as my cock stretched her wet pussy lips and slid inside. She sank down a little at a time. Pulling up, both to tease me and to adjust her pussy to my thick boner. When she was ready she slowly slid down and her warm cunt engulfed my rock hard cock. She swallowed my pole until she successfully drew all of it inside of her then just held it there and ground her ass against my lap.

I grabbed her beautiful ass as she started to ride me up and down. She moaned and squeezed her tits as she bounced against me. She knew what it meant to fuck and she was putting on a clinic. Her long brown hair flowed beautifully down her back as she rode. Lightning flashed outside as if caused by the electricity between us.

Her moans became more intense as she bounced faster and faster. She braced her hands against the dash and used her elbows like a hinge to help her slam up and down. My cock was getting to her and she started to cry out. I took her by the waist and thrust unto her with my pole. She was getting more and more animated as she was losing all control. She quivered as another orgasm brewed inside of her. She threw her head back as her whole body shuddered. Her cunt was like a swamp as it splashed down on my thick cock. Our hair was matted and rivers of moisture ran over our bodies. The car was just too hot and I knew what I had to do. I pushed her up and my hard shaft pistoned out of her love hole.

“Nooo!” She cried.

“Come with me!” I shouted against the noise of the rain. I pushed open the passenger door and pulled her out into the downpour. The warm summer shower was cool against our bodies and felt like standing under a waterfall. Visibility was low as I bent her over the hood of the car. Both of our ankles sinking into the grassy mud of the parking lot.

I grabbed her ass and lifted it up then buried my cock as deeply into her as I could. I started to seriously fuck her doggy style. She really seemed to enjoy this and groaned as she arched her back. She pushed into me as I drove my cock repeatedly into her fiery love canyon. She was very vocal as she screamed for more. Rain was coming down in buckets as we fucked like wild animals. We were having hot monkey love on the hood of my car in the middle of a parking lot.

Her burning pussy squeezed my cock with each thrust. She was in the middle of multiple orgasms as I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. We both moaned as my huge cock plunged into her wet love canal repeatedly.

I have never fucked with more passion or power in my life and I stuck my massive cock into her sweet wet pussy as if I were sawing her in half. We were both screaming loudly but it was all being swallowed up by the rain. She screamed, “Do it! Do it!” as I continued to ram from behind. She was oblivious to her surroundings as she was in the middle of another blistering orgasm. While we were screaming with passion, I felt my cock thicken and explode. I thrust my cock deep into her and unloaded all I had. The orgasm turned me inside out and I shook as I pounded against her.

When we could move again we huddled back into the car. After a short rest the rain slowed, we re-dressed and made our way back to the bar on wobbly legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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