The Conner Family Ch. 04

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The Conner Family Stories:

01-“A Gift On Christmas Eve”

02-“Gifts On Christmas Morning”

03-“Nightmares Of A Broken Promise”

04-“The Request” — current

Chapter 04

The Request

“Mmmmmmmmm,” moaned Jennifer Ann Conner as she arched her back and a soft shudder coursed through her. “Oh … Ken,” escaped her lips. She wrapped her arms about him and pulled him down close and her fingers dug into his back. “You make me feel … so … special.” His hot body felt so wonderful moving against hers.

Kenneth Robert Conner looked down into her eyes and smiled. “That’s cause you are.” He then leaned down and kissed her. “Always have been. To me.”

Beyond the bedroom window the day’s afternoon sun filtered in, filling the room with a soft light.

Jen smiled and returned his kiss with hard passion and slipped her tongue into his mouth as deep as she could reach. She could feel his hot, hard cock withdraw slowly from her soft moist folds and again another soft shudder shivered up her body.

At that moment only one thought ran through her mind. She loved Ken so very much.

Yes, she remembered they had grown up as nearly inseparable cousins. And they had remained close through the long years. And after her accident and being discharged from the Navy after twenty three years of service, and with her planned future ruined, she had returned home this past Christmas Eve to learn that she and Ken had been adopted. It was forty two years ago, after a tornado had destroyed a large section of the town and had left them both nameless, homeless babies laying naked under wreckage in a street. The two couples, brothers Robert and Sam and their wives, twin sisters, Sharon and Karen, who had discovered them, had each adopted one of them.

“Jen, together forever,” stated Ken, repeating their childhood saying.

“This time a promise,” whispered Jen. “One I will keep.” Remembering it had been Ken who was the first to reach her at the hospital. His was the first voice she had heard when she awoke into darkness due to the bandages over her eyes. And Ken was the one who was always there through her long months of recovery. And she knew, without hesitation, that Ken would always keep any promise he made her. As he always had as they grew up. And as she knew, no matter the cost, as he had proved a few times.

Ken whispered back. “I know, Jen.”

“All those years.” There was a touch of sadness in her eyes. “I am so sorry.”

“Don’t be, Jen.” Ken kissed her gently. “We have now. And we have tomorrow. Always.”

“Yes we do.” Jen moved beneath him, rocking her hips upwards towards him.

Her whole body was just so incredibly sensitive right now. She delighted at the feel of his warm body on hers and moving with her. And she knew how very lucky she was that Ken wanted her, after all the years, just as much as she wanted him. Even with all her injuries. And the many scars they had left behind.

Ken’s tongue pushed its way into her mouth and slid about hers.

She had never felt this way before with anyone. Not even her ex-husband who had abandoned her. Nor had she ever felt such hot desire for anyone. Jen had, on that Christmas Eve, in the middle of a snow storm, got her brother Brian to take her across town to see Ken. She had to see him. She could not wait another day. She had gotten so use to his always being there during the long months of recovery.

She just needed to be close to him.

And Ken, on that Christmas Eve, had asked her to marry him. And the fears she had of her now empty future had vanished. And she had quickly answered yes, even before he had finished the question.

Ken ground himself into her deeply.

Jen gasped in a quick, shallow breath, as she felt Ken’s cock push slowly and deeply back into her. Her thoughts went blank as another shudder ran through her. She could do this forever with Ken.

The gentle rub down and soft caresses Ken had given her with some oil he had picked up that morning, while they were at the Mall, had stimulated her like she had never felt before. She could not help but shiver again.

The shear, long legged and long sleeved, purple velvet negligee she had worn, also bought earlier that day, to tease and entice him, had been discarded to the floor some time ago.

Ken’s tongue danced with hers and she could still taste the wine they had been sipping at. And mixed in there was the sweet taste of dark chocolate. A long time favorite of hers.

There was the sudden brief flash of a memory of her sitting in her quarters aboard ship, half a world away, allowing herself to indulge with a small piece of dark chocolate from a box recently arrived from Ken. A brief moment of sweet, private, indulgence aboard ship. And the warm memories of her childhood the dark chocolate invoked.

Ken broke the kiss and leaned down and ran his tongue across her right breast, circling around and across the scars where her nipple had been.

Jen loved the soft sensations she got. Not as stimulating as her left breast with its illegal bahis now hard nipple. But it was nice because Ken did not avoid fondling her scared breast. And she was no longer ashamed of the scars that marked her body. She closed her eyes. Waiting in anticipation.

Then Ken flicked his tongue across her hard sensitive left nipple.

Jen could only gasp at the sensations he gave her.

Ken returned his cock into her clinging depths of her wet pussy.

“Ooooooohhhh,” she shivered as another wave of pleasure spiraled through her mind as Ken’s slow moving cock slid out of her folds to rub across her hard, sensitive clitoris. She again indulged in the feelings he gave her.

And the taste of dark chocolate and wine vaporized with her last coherent thought as Ken slid his hot member across her hard, wet clit on its way back into her depths.

All she could do was moan deeply and focus upon the wonderful feeling between her legs. Jen savored every movement. Every sensation. Every shiver. And every loving moment she held Ken in her arms.

Today and tomorrow they had the house to themselves. Ken’s mother, Jen’s Aunt Sharon, was across town spending the weekend with her twin sister Karen, Jen’s own Mom, for a couple of nights of ‘girl talk.’ Sam, her father, being the Fire Chief, was away for the weekend at a Fire Fighter training program.

Earlier Jen and Ken had showered together and then they had wickedly walked about the house naked. And now, with him in their own bed, she was no longer embarrassed or ashamed of her many scars and burns or the lost fingers from her left hand.

Ken withdrew again.

And now, every time Ken looked at her, there was only love in his eyes. And his welcoming seductive smile. And today, with his lust clearly on display, she could tell by the sight of his hard, stiff cock. She relished the desire he showed.

Her body sent another wave of pleasure through her as Ken again sank himself deeply back into her. And his cock felt like it was getting even harder.

She could not get enough of him. And she rocked her hips upward to match his movements.

“Oh, Jen,” muttered Ken as he suddenly thrust hard back into her.

They quickly got into a comfortable rhythm which slowly grew faster and harder.

Jen looked up into Ken’s eyes as he smiled down at her. “I love you,” he declared as he thrust hard into her.

Jen matched his thrusts but could only grunt up at him as their bodies now began to slam together.

Suddenly Ken groaned deep in his throat as his whole body seemed to be thrusting at her, trying to get further into her.

Jen knew he was getting close and matched his thrusts, helping to push him to his limit. She knew she was quickly getting there herself, riding on the waves of pleasure coursing through her.

Ken shivered as he thrust into her hard then his body suddenly stiffened and he held still.

Jen wrapped her arms and legs about him and hooked her feet together, locking him to her. She could feel his cock so wonderfully deep in her. She ground her groin into his.

Ken was shaking and he was fully within her.

Jen knew that the hard flesh of his cock could be almost painfully sensitive as she held him still within her. Considering how long they had been deliciously fucking.

Her thoughts chided herself with her use of such language.

Ken suddenly grunted.

The first two times today were slow and gentle and loving. And Ken had been focused on getting her off. But now …

She could feel his hard, twitching cock as it pulsed deep within her. And then the hot spray of his seed upon her inner walls. She loved when he came inside her.

Now, she told herself with some delight, they were just fucking.

She rubbed her groin hard against Ken once more and … her body exploded with white heat and she grabbed him tight shuddering with her release.

Ken let out a long, hesitant sigh as he slowly relaxed on her.

They fucked because they both wanted to enjoy each other.

Jen kept her arms and legs wrapped about him holding him tight against her. She again rocked her hips hard against him.

Ken whimpered. “… aaahhh … Jen, too sensitive.” His body shuddered.

Jen pouted up at him as she relaxed her grip on him. “But it’s only been three times.”

“And once in the shower,” breathed Ken as he slowly removed himself from her and rolled over beside her. “You’re insatiable.”

Jen whispered, “Only with you.” She snorted. “And don’t forget the kitchen,” added Jen. “Five times.”

“Yeah. Mom would not be happy,” sighed Ken. “If she found out.”

Jen snickered. “Then maybe we should wash the counter down before your Mom does any baking.”

“Wonder what that would do,” questioned Ken, “to the taste of an apple pie?”

Jen snickered again as she pulled up the blankets over them and cuddled against him. “That could be interesting.”

“And disturbing,” said Ken. “I prefer directly from the source.”

Jen smiled. “I noticed that.”

“Are you tired?” asked Ken.

“Already!” illegal bahis siteleri Jen chuckled. “You’re ready for more?”

“Crap no, Jen.” Ken snorted. “Your toy, is way too sensitive at the moment.” He lifted up the blankets and looked down beneath them at his crotch. Dropping the blankets he muttered, “I don’t think so.”

“You loose something down there?”

“Noooo,” sighed Ken. “Looking to make sure it is still there.”

Jen snorted as she propped herself up to look down at him. “If not that. Then whatever are you suggesting, Sir?”

“Maybe an early dinner at Gena’s.”

Jen smiled with delight. “Okay! But I have to shower first.” Jen leaned down towards him and sniffed then wrinkled up her nose. “You too. You smell like you’ve been having sex all day.”

“I heard no complaints earlier,” pouted Ken.

“We weren’t going out to dinner earlier.” Jen sat up and slowly climbed out of bed and stretched. She walked slowly, provocatively to the door. She paused and looked back at him. “If you behave, I’ll let you wash my back.”

“Happy too.” Ken quickly climbed out of bed and followed a laughing Jen towards the bathroom.

*** *** *** *** ****

Jen and Ken were back home in their bedroom. Ken was in warm, blue colored, wool pajamas and Jen was leaning against him in her light purple colored flannels. Her shear purple velvet negligee had vanished into the drawer with her other intimate apparel.

“Dinner was wonderful,” said Jen. “Good idea. Haven’t been to Gena’s in years.”

“You really savored that chocolate cream pie.”

“Every delicious bit.” Jen smiled at him. “You know me and chocolate.”

Reaching past Jen to the nightstand on her side of the bed, Ken picked up a large unopened manila envelope. He held it out to her. “You’ve had this since last week. Jen, time to open it.”

She sighed heavily. “It’s from that school.”

“I know, Jen,” replied Ken.

She glanced at him. “Okay.” Jen held out her right hand and Ken handed it to her. He then handed her a letter opener. Holding the letter opener in her left hand she quickly sliced opened the large envelope and then handed Ken the letter opener.

“Nicely done, Jen,” stated Ken. “You’re getting better doing things with your left hand.”

“Thanks!” She smiled taking out several sheets of paper. “It’s from their principle,” stated Jen. After a moment her smile faded. She read on for a few moments. “They want me to come down to visit.” She continued to read.

Ken waited.

“Oh, Ken,” she sighed as she leaned against him.

“What is it?”

Jen handed the top sheet of paper to him. “They want to name their auditorium after me.”

“Jen, that is so nice.” Ken watched a tear roll down her cheek. “What?”

Jen sat up and showed him the other pages. “It looks like all the students from the school signed the letter.” She continued to flip through the pages. “And the parents.” She leaned back against him. “The teachers too.”

Ken wrapped his arm about her.

“What am I going to do?”

“Go,” replied Ken.

“I can’t,” replied Jen. She held up the sheets of paper. “They claim I’m a hero.” She slowly shook her head. “I’m not a hero.”

“You are to them. And to me.”

“I don’t feel like one,” argued Jen.

Ken hugged her to him. “So tell me. Just how’s a hero suppose to feel?”

Jen slowly shook her head. “Don’t know.”

“Is Superman a hero when he stands in front of you and stops a bullet?”

“Of course,” replied Jen.

“No, he’s not,” returned Ken. “Because Superman knows he can not be hurt by a bullet.”

“Yeah,” agreed Jen. She sighed. “You’re right.”

“Now if Brian,” said Ken, “jumped in front of you and took a bullet, would he be a hero, or just your brother?”

“He’d be a hero,” stated Jen. “Because he would know he could be hurt.”

“Right!” agreed Ken.

Jen held up the papers. “What does being a hero have to do with this?”

“Everything!” declared Ken.

“But…” started Jen. “How?”

“I remember that really long letter you sent me about ejection seat training.” Began Ken, pointing at his footlocker. “I still have it if you need a reminder.”

“I know,” replied Jen with a smile. “Your letters have more about my Navy career than my official records show.”

Ken asked, “So, what makes a hero?”

“Not a clue,” muttered Jen.

“I don’t know either,” said Ken. “I never did anything heroic.”

“What about that time back in high school,” said Jen, “when those five bullies were picking on my brother.”

Ken snorted. “You mean George Peters and company?”

“Yes! Them.”

“There was nothing to that.”

“You and Brian put them to floor,” argued Jen.

“I had my Black Belt and so did you. And Brian was Brown,” stated Ken.

“They were a bunch stupid, air head, football players,” stated Jen firmly. “Trying to get me to go out with all five of them to ‘party hardy.’ They were just a bunch of stupid, dead beat, stooges.”

“Not after Brian and I got done with canlı bahis siteleri them.” Ken started laughing. “And you put George in his place. Right on his ass.”

“But why bring them up?” asked Jen.

“Cause you stood up to them,” replied Ken.

“But you and Brian took care of them.”

“We never touched George,” stated Ken. “We left him for you.”

Jen only pouted and shook her head. “I’m not a hero.”

“I disagree. But okay!” stated Ken. “You’re not a hero. So explain to me what the Navy rules are for the pilot of a jet fighter, fully loaded with fuel, carrying some heavy ordnance, and has two failed engines when flying over a populated area?”

“What are the rules?” asked Jen.

“Yeah! The Navy rules.” stated Ken. “Jen, what did they train you to do? The military has a rule for just about everything.”

Ken got a pen and on the back of the manila envelope he wrote: RULES!. He then looked at Jen.

“Return to the air strip,” supplied Jen with a sigh.

“Okay. What did you do?”

“Well during flying lessons I had an engine quit on me after takeoff.” She looked at Ken. “I turned around and landed on one engine.”

“Duh! Jen,” muttered Ken, poking her arm. “Doesn’t count.”

“Sure it does!”

“Okay!” stated Ken. “What did you do? You turned around and landed safely.” He pointed at his foot locker. “Got that letter too. But that is not what I asked.”

Jen looked at him and closed her eyes and sighed. “When I had the bird strike that took out both engines.” She turned to look at Ken. “I couldn’t go back,” answered Jen.

“And why not?”

“Not enough altitude,” replied Jen. “Not enough speed. Dropping too fast. And my speed was dropping too.”

“All good reasons,” replied Ken jotting them down. “Now the difference between the two events?”

Jen sighed. “I still had one engine the first time. I could keep the jet in the air, but my instructor ordered me to return to the field.”

“Was that one of them silly rules,” asked Ken.

“No!” returned Jen. “If something major fails in flight, it might lead to other failures. And you end up in a worse situation. You could even lose the aircraft.”

“Okay,” said Ken. “Now on your training mission in Florida. What about all the clear area around the air field in Florida?”

“Why are you asking me all this?” demanded Jen. “Ken, I went through all of this during the inquiry.”

“I know you did. You were answering their questions, Jen. To figure out what happened. Now the answers will tell you why some of us think of you as a hero.”

Jen rolled her eyes up as she shook her head. “I am not a hero!”

“Then lets prove you’re not a hero,” said Ken.

“If I was a hero,” stated Jen harshly, “the Navy would’ve given me a stupid medal.”

“Well the students, teachers and the parents are not in the navy,” said Ken. “They can’t give you a medal. And the Navy won’t cause it was a training mission. Right?”

“Your point?” frowned Jen.

“We’ll get to that after you answer my questions,” returned Ken.

Jen leaned back against the headboard of the bed. She waved her hand at him. “Ask away.” She then looked across the room and sighed. “I don’t like doing this.”

“I know, Jen,” said Ken. “What about the clear area around the air strip?”

Jen sighed. She had her eyes closed. “There’s not that much clear space around the air strip at Florida. To many hangers, office buildings and there’s the fuel tanks at the southern end. And the flight school where I took lessons.”

“Okay,” replied Ken. “Not enough room.” Ken made a note. “What do you do next?”

“Ken,” stated Jen, “I had already passed the point of return. I just knew I could not have made it back to the field. Even with the clear area on both sides of the landing strip.”

“So why do you think you could not make it?”

“My twenty years of flying experience,” snapped Jen.

Ken looked at her for moment then turned to the list he was writing. “Knowledge and experience.” He looked again at Jen. “What next?”

“Sorry.” muttered Jen. “Look for a clear spot along your flight path.”

“Okay. What was there?”

Jen looked down at her lap. “The first I saw was the golf course beyond the school to my left. There was a lake to my right past a housing area. Ahead was the highway. It was wide enough. Two lanes plus the breakdown lane. Plenty wide for the fighter. But I could hardly see anything of them as my windscreen was smashed and covered with bird.”

“So who saw those areas?”

“My wing man, Horse and his RIO. And my RIO, Alice Sweet,” replied Jen. She shook her head. “The highway was backed up with traffic in one direction. To the east. The other side had too many obstacles for a landing.”

“Like what?”

“Mostly power lines and over passes,” replied Jen, nodding. “Then there was a curve. Not enough room for a landing.”

“Then what?”

Jen answered, “Sweet suggested the lake to my right.”


“Horse thought it was too far.”

“Was it?” asked Ken.

Jen sighed and looked at Ken. She nodded. “Yeah. It was. And before it there was a crowded housing area. I did not want to land there.”

“So not a good place to put your jet down?”

Jen leaned over against him. “No! It was not. Too many people.”

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